nature heals, chemicals don’t - half winter melon

Morning enema done, clear the way, Ready! 🌬

It’s never been a healthcare system, it’s been a keep you sick system. The handing over of this sacred body temple is done, hand it over to the plants-God-nature the earth the elements, that’s it!

I said to myself long ago that I would never hand my body over just to get some relief, I know this will push some buttons, let it … I had to take a different perspective on this … it’s temporary relief TO more dis-ease pain struggle, or it’s doing it properly, no longer bypassing the clearing of the physical body WHICH IS THE ROOT of ALL and ANY dis-ease

What would you believe about healing your body if you erased everything you’ve ever even been told indoctrinated feed by media, what would YOU believe in your heart … so many are healing naturally, I healed 40+ symptoms naturally, gone, so why can’t you, you can …

Thyroid medication: they don’t tell you it damages your liver and microbiome, or that it can lead to Alzheimer’s- do they, nope, just take it, we need it, keep coming for the fucking test that keeps us spinning in loops waiting for a breakthrough

when the breakthrough NEVER comes on medication, the breakthrough never comes under medicine period. – the BREAKTHROUGH comes when we cleanse detox repair the damage we have done to this body cell deep and regenerate it. and here we heal it all and liver truly FREE. we gotta LOVE on this bod!👙

Blood tests are pointless, especially anything hormonal, your hormones are shifting constantly you can’t get a clear reading, live blood analysis is amazing though, and the BEST reading will always be …

HOW do you FEEL in your body? 

the body never lies.

tests lie.

medication lies.

TRUST your gut. it’s speaking to you, nudging you for a reason. Listen to the voice WITHIN

real freedom is anchored in this body, the bliss energy vitality clarity certainty joy peace liberation … when we CLEAR the way, this is truth, found on the path less travelled, the path of ultimate well-being – expand open know, see it all with the all seeing eye 👁

the JOY VIBRANCY YEAH is when you get your feet back rooted into the Earth, NOW it’s the ride home to paradise, to living fully alive, will you settle, or will you break free and truly live?

I love you!

Stay connected. 

❣️🪶Be true to your soul, what’s real is nature knows how to heal it all, so does your body, trust her, trust natures operating table of love and health to show you the clear way🪶❣️

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