You are safe to step out of that box now. Do you feel if you really let loose and lived life true to your soul, your sensual feminine self, you’d be too much, too weird, too different? that program hanging over you, ‘Oh I need to fit in to be liked to be loved’ … this sucks the soul dry, let’s shake things up and Go all in Beauty!

I thought if I make people like me, please them, hide who I really am, suppress my soul, keep eating to numb my wild sensual feminine power- then I’ll be loved and everything will be ok…NO. 

this is selling your soul to the devil. when you respect and love you, THEN we see the shift. It ALL starts with you loving you, standing up for you, standing in your feminine power, standing up for what lights YOU up. Stop living in a box when you know you are a temple.

Heal the ROOT. Heal it ALL. Body AWAKEN.

Darling, living a life to fit into that stinky tight controlled stagnant toxic box is well, a zombie in my eyes, I walked around like a zombie, pretending I was fine, happy, yeah life’s great, when honestly if I got real raw and honest with my FEELS – I would have run far far way

it took me cleaning and clearing my body of the mucus parasites heavy metals acidic foods and old emotions to KNOW what was possible 

see we can live, thinking we’re living, being a good citizen, pleasing everyone, eat what everyone else is eating, stuck in all the agendas of medicine vaccinations protein fat salt breakfast using oil to detox the liver🤯 and end up so fucking confused – done with the lies and BS! 

And WHY, it’s time to ask yourself, Why am I still not feeling my best? Why am I still allowing this, when there’s a way? What is my next right action step forward? Be honest. 

Stop holding back-holding on, it was when I let go of the ‘way I ‘should’ do things do health do food do detox do life do business, that I took my full ALIVENESS confidence joy passion peace back!’ 

How about you love? What will you not put up with ANY longer? Be true to your soul, no more compromising! THIS is a door opener🦋a freedom ticket✈️a spring freshness🌷,even though I had friends saying I’m worried about you, you don’t need to heal, victim energy, I turned the other way, I looked at myself in the mirror, HONESTLY, then chose to go deep into cellular detox and regeneration – having my family say ‘I’m detoxing to much, am I sure I’m ok, urgh, you don’t need that’ – YOU DO YOU, focus on you, stay true to your path, there will always be distractions-keep going🔥I love you!❣️

YOU know what you need, what’s best for you, so do it – honour yourself – having people say you need to eat more protein take more vitamins minerals to build more strength … and on it went … strength comes from cleansing the organs and glands within, rebuilding healthy tissue, alkalising the body, from purifying this temple, NOT eating protein.

I stood firm in my inner knowing my truth. I knew what I felt inside was real. I knew I was being guided to my liberation. I could have ignored it. But this life IS too precious. I stood up for what I felt believed knew to be true within my body. And it bought me home to peace love freedom clarity certainty in my health … that bullshit oh nothings certain, well that’s a choice, from listening to my guidance within doing the clearing work cleansing detoxing regenerating my body I NOW LIVE, I have health certainty. I feel safe in my body in my truth in my voice in WHO I AM. what a ride, but oh so worth every ebb and flow. Let go to, let it in. 

I feel like I spent my life asking the question, WHO AM I? now I know. that strength is cultivated in a clean healthy physical body, not muscle strength, core central soul strength I’m talking about, to stand so in your centre, no outer force will sway your focus

My greatest decision was to exit the box of indoctrination of the media of the lies of the status quo, challenge it, go beyond into a higher vibrational realm where you truly get to see who you are and what you’re made of, it’s peace love harmony freedom JOY… 

As you honour soul

life renews itself 

refreshes itself 

re-Awakens itself 

it’s time-

to press PLAY▶️

If medicine where on to something

If supplements where the answer

If surgery was the key

If fad diets where the healer 

Everyone would be thriving alive well happy,

simply see what your life is showing you right now, in this moment, zoom out, see with the all seeing eye 👁

it all. Be with your heart.

✨And why I created The Body Awakening programs, for women like you, on a mission to bring harmony back to Earth, passionate mama’s who want the best health for their children and themselves, female leaders who know how important their message is to the world, that know the importance of their well-being on all levels. 

Feel that balance energy lightness clarity peace return 100x, let life open up, let your body blossom as you honour the world within you, as she’s creating the outer world for you😘

Reach out Beauty if you’re ready for 111% clarity on what you need to implement for alive energised health, I would love to guide and advise you on your sacred healing journey home to you❣️

I’m here for you x

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