I chose to learn a big lesson the hard way, when hard is not how it has to be. No Beaut! I didn’t trust myself, I kept ignoring what my body was showing me

I lost half my head of hair, I destroyed my digestive system to the point even eating some lettuce caused pain and discomfort, I ignored the headaches exhaustion stimulant cravings, I kept putting it off … 

this went on for 2+ years!

What signs is your body showing you that you’re ignoring, putting off, making normal?

I decided to do something about it, when I felt I couldn’t go on anymore, but WHY did I have to let it get THAT bad to take action?

Let’s REMEMBER, every moment IS perfect, there’s no waiting for the perfect moment, right NOW is perfect

Beautiful, that brain fog exhaustion body pain stimulant cravings weight gain up and down emotions, it’s a loving voice, the language of your body, trying to give you a heads up, act now, stop waiting, take one small step for YOU today, seize the day!

If only I’d understood that prevention is the WAY, you don’t need to let things get SO painful, I was eating ‘healthy’ I thought, also eating whatever 8 years ago

this NOT listening is what led the root cause of TOXICITY overload deeper into my body/cells and then thyroid and auto-immune issues surfaced – only because the body was full of toxins! all dis-ess is only EVER about toxicity, liberation right here … GET IT, FREE as bird!

you can decide to release it ALL, 

eliminate erase eject – HERES the reset, 

the reclaiming of your healthy vibrant energized sensual feminine body of magic 

lives within the CLEARING of the TOXINS, 

get it out, and you FEEL home again

you can heal it all, take action, listen!

you can overcome it all, you hold the key!

you CAN feel amazing, it’s your BIRTHRIGHT!

Remember you chose to be here right now, because you are capable beyond measure, you are in a phase of initiation, so what do you say love? do you say yes to your initiation, into being more of you, to being your true Self, to healing your body and remembering she is your temple of creation, to embodying freedom?! 

3 Vibrant steps forward through imitation …

🍇the parasites HAVE to be cleared, here you take back your power energy happy healthy bod

🍇the mucus has to GO, so hormones can rebalance, and clarity freshness and lightness returns

🍇the cells MUST be alkalized, to build a body that feels vibrant pure playful and well-healthy

💌A love note to my former self: I will NEVER ignore you EVEN again, I will act when you speak to me, I will listen, I will get support when and where I need it, I will honour you, I will take care of my energy, loving you is the most important act. Nothing is more important than my well-being, I will always focus on my inner world as I KNOW it creates my outer💃🏻

What will you stop ignoring love? 

What will you start acting on?

What is your body showing you today?

Tune in. Turn on. Be with you. 


Love you! AA❤️

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