Flower field Spring vibes

Beautiful, I know how wildly unsettling this journey can be at times, what am I going to have to face? who will I need to become to succeed? what will others think? I’ve tried so much and still feel urgh, but deep down YOU KNOW there is so much more in this HOME👗

so you put the plug of fear waiting resisting, your left brain going haywire, it just wants to be in control, this fear controlled my life – until I pulled the plug on it once and ‘FOR ALL’🪠

Gone are the days of compromise and restriction, there’s an easier way now! it’s like what’s going on in your home right now🛋 

So health and your home;

🧺the more you let things pile up the longer it takes to do and deeper that cleaning goes!

🧹leaving dirt everywhere makes you feel horrible, CLEAR the WAY ✨feel the lightness 

🚽keeping the system fresh is always better and keeps LIFE-HEALTH flowing 

🪞clean mirrors so you can truly SEE yourself 

🛀🏻Bathing in the excitement of new beginnings in this body, in purified waters feels so liberating!

🚿that shower cleans the outside, what about the inside, focus requires going WITHIN 

🛌getting into that bed at night, feels like so cosy and ahhh when fresh and clean-smelling of natures notes pure and peaceful 

🏡home sweet home, means unlocking that door, moving out that root cause, to KNOW the TRUE Self 

🌷flowers always brighten things up – having healthy INNER terrain so you can always be walking your blossom, cultivating ALIVEness 

🪥brushing those teeth as everyone can see them, what about the pipes running the show!

🌅from a clean fresh peaceful happy home you look out that window of your eyes👁and see feel know embody beauty joy possibility, a New Earth birthing 

Cleaning clearing cleansing of this body (your REAL home, she goes everywhere with you, no escaping this one love!) – IS the freedom, it’s a joy a blessing a vibrant awakening as She-You-Goddess wakes up out of her sleep now … spring is here the birds are singing

NOW it’s time to sing your sweet song of resurrection 

More time is spent cleaning the house than the physical body, shift your perspective, it’s the cleaning of the physical body that really needs support right now

Let your beautiful outer home inspire you motivate you dedicate you into creating a body temple that feels SO good so confident so energised so fresh so bright. 


Spring has sprung, 

let it spring within you Beauty!🌷🌷🌷

Love you!🌹


💭and the question is, how clean is your true home? do you feel fresh clear light? have you A-spring in your step? 👗👠🌞💐 

Ready to Rise Beauty? Reach out to book a free Body BreaKthrough call❣️

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