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I’ve been called a maverick (thank you, I AM a free spirit) a charlatan a liar, many wonderful words by trolls from a post I wrote about thyroid surgery, how thyroid healing is misunderstood

only NATURE knows this human body of love and light, it does not understand chemicals body part removal medication poisons more toxins!!! 

TOXINS are the cause – its total insanity to think we can heal or feel better adding in more of what’s causing it! Right love! Let’s see the real TRUTH now.

Apparently I want to hurt people, kill them even, when this happened I was in the Philippines, I cried so much when I read it. I realized at this point to be out there in the world as a truth seeker speaker awakener is one where you have to anchor fearlessly in your truth, stand firm, stand in love, and go, it’s me and God-Goddess, riding the wave, Cancer moon Leo sun, massive career massive heart, born healer.

I’m here to awaken to the most alive state and guide others to that place too, to merely exist, to follow the herd, I think not. Life is for living loving expressing co-creating, making love to the universe, ALIVE in this body. the rest is a lie. stand in your centre. 

I’ve always been one to challenge the status quo, to bring truth to light is a big part of why I am here, yep it rattles that rib cab, it shakes the mind, it tests the opening-the humanity within the heart, it wides vistas of the pineal gland, if you’re willing to stretch yourself beyond the status quo, into paradise garden and what’s possible…ANYTHING, BE unlimited

A boy I helped many moons ago was told by the hospital he wouldn’t ever be able to play football again or live a ‘normal’ life, what’s a normal life anyway?! He was 9 years old and told they were going to cut his intestine and fit a poo bag for the rest of his life, I went to school with his mum, she reached out to me, I told her NO, the sacred NO flew out of my mouth, I believed there was a way.

and so there was, I was shown, I have years of knowledge and wisdom, but my most powerful tool is my high intuition trusting this is acceleration to higher heights of freedom and healing 

there is always a way✨

believe allow embrace✨

open to the new✨

after 7 years of hospitals medication negativity no hope limitation BS, Harry was healed fully through intuition nutrition detox enemas and my bioresonance frequency sessions, off all medication no more hospital visits and claimed back his life-force, his spirit of joy, full health physical emotional mental spiritual!

And what’s taking place now, it’s a claiming of life-force, be in charge of your health, never let anyone tell you medicine chemicals is the way, because it’s so clearly and absolutely NOT, we can only EVER fully heal reset and remember who we are through nature, nature brings us all home, home to our true Self home to peace home to love home to #unityconsciousness

Remember you get to choose? So choose wisely darling, feel in your body, know your truth, listen to the guidance of your soul … within is the way to the highest unfolding of joy, celebration and freedom in this body

Be courageous in your search for truth, the path of love awakens here🤎

Do you say YES to you? 

Love you!💛AA


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