The Body Awakening

A practical and inspiring journey to healing your body with plant-based nutrition and cellular detox, and living a life you love in the body of your dreams.





Learn Arianna’s Body Awakening Weight-Loss, Hormone Healing, Detox & Cutting-edge Nutrition  SECRET’S


Ready to learn the most amazing easy clear steps to HEALTH on the planet?


Learn the art of awakening your body for boundless vibrant energy easy weight-loss confidence and love, get the tools that will have your body hormones and relationships healing and creativity and happiness flowing. Feel alive.

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Want to awaken your trueSelf that feels healthy vibrant clear energised confident and aligned but have no idea how?

Arianna guides and inspires you how to set a wise and healthy foundation for a vibrant body clear mind open heart and soulful life. She gives you the keys for accelerating your inner growth healing and transformation. You will learn how to use nutrition to get permanent health results and embody your true-Self, and the life you desire.

The body awakening ebook

Do you struggle with finding the right cleanse? Great!


This Body Awakening “WAY” will show and inspire you to simplify and get put of your head and into your body and pure heart, where the true-Self can be experienced, healthy simply be-comes who you are. Learn how to detox like a Goddess in no time at all.


Chapter 1: Wisdom of the sacred ones, las plantas 

Learn why plants are so key to your body healing itself and you feeling your absolute best in your wholebody

Chapter 2: Evolutionary Goddess eating to activate your true-Self

Get the knowledge you need to embody your dream body and a life you love through eating vibrantly!

Chapter 3: Cellular detox of bodylife liberation – to healing it ALL

Refine your understanding of detox to ensure you get instant success with your health

Chapter 4: Healing through your Spirit to rejuvenate

Be inspired to feel the strength of your spirit, to get out of thinking and into feeling, from head to heart, from duality to unity 

Chapter 5: Eating is prayer, every mouthful is medicine, or poison

Learn the true power of food as medicine to heal any imbalance and bring you home to calm and alignment

Chapter 6: Body Wisdom, is it You, or the Parasites

Get clear on the root cause’s so you can feel your freedom and the joy of living in a pure clean body

Chapter 7: Ageless Timeless, The Immortal Beauty

All the wisdom on the real strength of your body and living a joyful youthful graceful beautiful life 

Chapter 8: Coming home to your Light, SoulRemembrance

Remembering your feminine power and emanating your beauty and radiance through your frequency 

Chapter 9: Ancient conscious truths of this Earth, is NOW

Get the knowledge on natural healing steps that will support you forever and those around you, for all the family, age doesn’t matter!

Chapter 10: Medication lies to Natures Truth of healing

Living and knowing your truth of a wise body grounded in health freedom

Chapter 11: Luxury barefoot alkaline living, true luxury is a HEALTHY body!

Coming home to your true-Self where life flows and confident is who you are, as you be-come the woman you where bought here to be, creative open loving wildy free as all of YOU!



“Thanks Arianna for being courageous enough to stand out from the crowd and to offer something powerfully different in a sea of confusion and frustration that is the food industry. I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey leads next”


“Amazing experience working with Arianna, this lady really understands true health on all levels – physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual. Recommend highly!”


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