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I joined Arianna’s 8 week Hormone Course and have been AMAZED at the results. A big thank you Arianna for the help and support towards my new pain free lifestyle. I have been suffering from Hot flushes for about 18ths or longer. I have osteoarthritis in my hands and starting in my knees, which are painful on a daily basis. I have had as I described it as wooly head, not being able to think straight or feel like I was getting anywhere. I have also suffered with Anemia all my life constantly taking Iron tablets when I begin to feel tired. I have suffered with my thyroid as well and always struggled with my weight and now aged 57 yrs my weight is a constant worry for me. I was always the first to suffer with throat infections taking antibiotics about every month to try and rid the bad throats. She went through a detailed programme with me to help understand my health problems and then tailored a programme for me. She then supported me week by week. Which I needed. I struggled to begin with but I think we all do that when things change in our lives. There was a lot of changes I had to make in my life but I did it, and as I came to the 3rd to 4th week, I began to feel the difference within myself and my body. The support I was given really helped me on this journey. The hot flushes have stopped, No more iron tablets, a healthy thyroid, the pains in my hands are no longer a daily constant battle, I have more energy throughout the day, I have not had a throat infection at all, when by now I would normally have had 2 or 3. This is a true lifestyle change for me and I am so happy, my weight is coming down as well, I lost 10lb over the 8 weeks and I am still losing weight weekly. I am a happier healthier person and my friends and family have noticed the difference. A big thank you Arianna for the help and support towards my new pain free lifestyle.

C, B Sussex, UK

“Oh my word where do I begin to thank you Arianna, what a simply amazing week we just had in Ibiza. Before arriving my trust and belief in you was very high following on from Body Awakening Accelerator program … the Ibiza process is even more radical and structured … but now I just love you for everything you did whilst we were in our incredible bubble, and for the way I’m feeling right now!
Before I arrived my mind was like a mess of sticky spaghetti, my emotions were all over the place and I had pain in my hip. I had no focus on what I was going to do next or how. Last week, however, you changed all that and I was a willing partner! 
I’m now sitting writing this with a head that is completely clear, a heart that is singing, my hip which you zapped no longer hurts, pain free, and my body feels great. 
Now I’m truly looking forward to whatever comes my way. Since coming back I’ve moved back into my house, emptied boxes with full of energy and am feeling happy and focused in my environment. A week ago the idea of this move terrified me. 
In Ibiza we lived in luxury like Royalty, over-looking awe inspiring views of Es Vedra. What I want to say is Arianna you were there every step of the way, I felt so supported throughout the week, in every way, you really looked after us. How could I fail to feel amazing after all that!
Yes, I’m a changed women.
What a week, and although some may be skeptical, all I can say is trust Arianna and just “go for it”, it’s worth every penny and it’ll give you a new perspective on reality, what food really is and why we must eat what’s right for us. “Let medicine be our food and let food be our medicine”.
Thank you always, Arianna, I hold the deepest gratitude to you. I will never forget Ibiza. I LOVE you!!”

Nikki, UK