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Empowering and Supporting You Home To Your True-Self


Ready to remember your truth of vital divine HEALTH?

… when women come together,


We move mountains

We move the entire WORLD!

…and it all starts from transforming the inner world!

Arianna Aunon is an Award-Winning Women’s Health, Weight-loss Thyroid and Cellular Detox mentor Specialist, Author, Speaker, Nutritionist and Natural Health Advocate, Truth matters and catalyst to facilitate the Awakening of true health sovereignty of humanity.

Seen in British Vogue, heard on stages advocating Natural Health Solutions across Europe, and Soho radio with celebrity chef Aldo Zilli, and Awarded 2 years running Best Women’s health Specialist UK.

With nearly 20 years of life experience studies research healing, a journey of deep soul remembrance and coming home to her true-self, Arianna emanates vibrant health, the founder and creatrix of The Body Awakening Method, a healing method that gets to the root cause, sets a powerful foundation for true health on all levels, beautifully different, and it works, allowing you to live your health truth, empowered and free.

Arianna supports women around the globe to get lasting weight-loss, heal their hromones and thyroid, emotions, beat stress, and embody full body confidence and Self-love, awakening true freedom, the cellular way heals it all.

Arianna says, “She knows this truth is possible for us all, when we say YES to our SOUL, and follow the breadcrumbs that the universe leaves out for us … to find our way home … within”

Are you ready to awaken the healthy empowered authentic expressed VIBRANT woman within you?

… you are safe to heal, you are safe to transform, to trust, to let go, and live your body dreams, never settle for just OK, WE believe in EXQUISITE HEALTH here @thebodyawakeninginternational

Arianna healed numerous chronic hormonal imbalances all naturally, as she focused on addressing ghe ROOT, toxicity at a cellular level in her detox pathways, She is living breathing healthy embodied joyous proof we can all do it!!!!

Arianna’s energy is deeply nurturing, loving, empowering, inspiring, and grounded, an open heart of service to her human family.

Arianna holds an ND in Naturopathy (natural holistic approach), bioresonace and quantuming healing modalities, and nearly 2 decades of profound life-experience of her own healing journey.

Arianna continues to delve deep into real food medicine, quantum healing, emotional core stability, unconditional Self-love practices, the cellular way, detox, regeneration, ancient healing methods, in sacred service to the New Earth and humnaities wellbeing.

Plant foods hold codes our human body needs for our soul to express its true self,
they hold light our soul requires to #risesister

and in this union – plant + soul + human
we heal and awaken our true self, and begin the journey to remembering our divinity

Your truth is Love

Ready To Upgrade & Purify Beauty?

You are important.

You are precious.

You are deeply loved.

Your frequency matters more than ever right now!

… and our planet needs you MORE then ever RIGHT NOW!




– Arianna Aunon

“Before starting my programme with Arianna life was hard, I could barely leave the house due to severe stomach cramps, back ache, heavy painful periods, headaches most days, weight gain which was out of control, no sleep and feel exhausted everyday. I was offered the pill and a hysterectomy which I was lead to believe would help me. After talking to Arianna, I realised I didn’t have to suffer anymore if I just followed the programme step by step which she set for me. After 6 months of working together my life has changed, I have lost over 2 and a half stone which is amazing, gone from a size 16 to a 10, painful periods have gone, no stomach cramps or headaches, I have stopped buying painkillers and can actually enjoy life without worrying. I was not put on a fancy diet, just taught about having a different lifestyle, she is truly amazing at what she does and achieves, I feel very proud to have learnt so much from her she has not just given me my life back but she has also given my son his mum back.”

Claire, U.K

Remember your body is your true home, to feel safe, to feel love ...

The best decision I ever made was to work with Arianna,
she has changed my life in so many ways.
I was diagnosed with endometriosis and suffered everyday, heavy
periods, stomach cramps, headache bad back to the point where I could hardly leave the house, it was awful, you just learn to cover it up and try to live life the best you can, I became very depressed and hated myself in every way.
Suffering everyday is hard and you begin to think why me, and feel sorry for yourself.
As soon as I started to work with Arianna and open up to her things started to change, she did not judge me for anything I was doing, she actually supported me and got me through some very difficult times.
I often thought I was a wimp asking for her help but actually facing it is one of the strongest things you can do.
I now have a life with no pain and I love it,
If anyone suffers I would recommend working with arianna, she has changed my life and can change yours, she cares about everyone and will go out of her way to help you, I let endometriosis rule my life for so many years it doesn’t anymore.
Arianna has the knowledge and the heart to help people, she can make a difference if you let her.
Life can be very tough if you suffer but it can also be beautiful if
you stop suffering and embrace it.” 
Claire, UK
Claire, Private Client

“The retreat was the most nourishing and incredible experience. Arianna is ahead of her game and the soulful space she held has left me on another level. I feel re-set after years lost in my own mind. A truly unique week.
It delved so much deeper than just food but in an enjoyable and enriching way. This led to small but continual shifts that eventually set deep for being back in my own reality. 
Arianna is authentic and this was the switch that finally allowed me to put my trust in someone. She has another level of knowledge to other nutritionists I’ve met, a bigger picture that brings you back to your true self, and it was so good to pass my doubts into her hands and just embrace it.
The support you get before, during and after the week for me was the biggest of nourishments. The constant holding of the space that created the safety to let go is for me the key to the transformation and the difference to other retreats. The continuation after the retreat for several weeks is essential and just enforces the new shifts until you can keep shifting on your own.
I trusted her and am off thyroid medication I have been on for 14 toxic years.
I cannot thank you enough vibrant, healthy, wonderful woman 🙏🏽💛🙌🏼 X”

Emma, private client