The unknown you may feel of what happens when I lose the weight, get the body I’ve been dreaming of for months years decades, when I actually feel so alive, shit, what even does that mean, feel like look like … I understand, the ego mind goes off on one about all the fears, it’s normal, there’s so much telling us to stay put, stay stuck, really, Oow, you don’t want to change? 

When deep down, that’s ALL you actually do want, massive positive bright beautiful change, what a blessing, I never chose to come here to stay the same, I came to evolve to grow learn expand, to love mySelf deep, and I believe you did too, and I believe deep down,

You are so fucking ready to break free from the chrysalis, to emerge as the butterfly you are, ready to soar so high, ready to FLY, no longer weighed down my excess weight exhaustion beaten adrenals habits that keep us spinning a toxic overloaded liver fearful kidneys a heavy gut, it’s THE JOURNEY of darkness to light, to truly remember WHY WE CAME, why you came here, 

I get it, the fear of living being so joyous so ALIVE in your body, what does that mean, honestly, I never knew I could feel as incredible as I do in my body now, I had no idea it could get this INCREDIBLE in my body, but I was willing to explore it to go there, because I came here to LIVE MASSIVELY A LIVE, and LOVE Life 

The reason why we can stay stuck in in-action fear waiting, non committal energy with our health, making everything more important than, the thing that’s MOST important, 

The unconscious, theres a lot programmed around, but that unknown, well what is it, I might die, or, am I alllowed to really feel so good, like so happy my absolute best, the responsibility because you will feel so good inside-out that you will be called by your SOUL to show up in a bigger way, show who you really are to the beautiful world, on your sacred mission, 

But really I know that’s what you also want, you’re not just about the weight the feeling confident at peace, you have a fucking big beautiful vision, that NEEDS you on top form, the butterfly, fully free from any sticky cage, holding onto old habits old parts of Self

Sprinkling you with some warmth here my darling, as I know this place well, been here many times, and still fall sometimes, but also pick myself back up, no matter how many times I fall or feel like a failure, I remember, and I choose to RISE, deep breaths

The overcoming of this very often unconscious sabotage, to end the holding back, to end the holding onto the old self, the familiar, you’ve outgrown that space now, don’t you feel it love, don’t you feel your soul wanting more wanting the real deal wanting the real thing – you want 

A choice to move forward now, you are safe, that body vision you want can have it’s happening ofcourse, well it’s beautiful over here, it feels light clear Free energised joyful flexible, so loving, and sweet, it feels confident, it feels like a freedom we all want, 

But so many resist, we have to stop rejecting what we REALLY want, then we heal rejection, it’s only ever about rejection of Self, ultimately rejection of love

I spent a long while here, rejecting my true desires and dreams, not even really know what they were, and then, it landed, the breakthrough is happening on so many levels

 KNOW this Bright Star⭐️

The unknown, the unknown IS safe love, you are safe to go there to shed the old to rebirth anew

to no longer carry around the past, 

what a blessing,


a sacred opportunity to truly shift higher as I know that’s what you’re about, what WE ARE ABOUT, hey ma darling

to live that highest expression of Self right, me too, it’s all about Self, and no it’s not selfish, it’s necessary for Her to focus on herSelf to truly know herSelf, the true Self, and start living in the HIGHEST alignment to The DREAM, her fairytale,

it all starts within, dancing it with you darling!

So, are you ready now, to go beyond, to Awaken to your divine body, your divine body dream, it’s ready for you, what do you say?!

You’ve got this!


I love you♥️


Arianna x