Why the struggle with weight, hormones, exhaustion, emotional eating?

You could call me your ultimate curious one of nutrition-to-body freedom, relentless in my inquiry to really KNOW-in-my-body, to BECOME the walking proof, to live it, that’s my hermit investigator🤓

I see this as PURE TRUTH, as one empowers Self into the Unknown, to be a pioneer of their journey home to body freedom

Over the years I’ve read many articles, watched many sales pitches on weight-loss pills, heard many faulty claims on getting balanced hormones, read many books – I rarely read health books anymore, I am my health book🔥

WE must ask, based on WHAT?

🤍a text book written by someone who’s never embodied true health (hmmm, interesting one…)

🤍outdated understanding on nutrition and the human body cell deep

🤍the food pyramid, backed by FDA🤯

🤍synthetic supplements, that suppress more

I will stand my gracious ground here, I not only care, I came to shine my light on the BS!

I have witnessed the chaos in Facebook support groups a few years back, weight-loss hypothyroid hormone, exited very quickly

Discernment is key, it’s now about true HEALTHCARE solutions, no more disembodied nonsense claims.

More damage is being done physically mentally and emotionally by false methods pills advise.




I spent many years researching and trialing nutrition/detox processes/protocols in my body, so I could really feel truth 

What truly works, what definitely doesn’t work; for weight loss that stays off, for vibrant balanced hormones, to break free from habits, stress, and liberate emotionally 

When one truly puts themselves on THE operating table, NATURE, through dry and fruit fasting, enemas and herbal formulas, then will THE BODY AWAKEN, and one can see much clearer

Most of what’s out there is for quick fix’s (which there is not for true health), pop a pill, drink a green juice, surface level, unless one has gone physically cell deep🤍soul deep, real sustainable health advice will be rocky, this is how I feel on this topic.

The reason I am so committed to TBAI- it’s anchored in TRUE healthcare, detox pathways MUST be cleaned!


Sending you so much love❤️