I know a solution to heal and prevent that weight battle hormonal chaos stress and sugar cravings that going’s on in this body,

darling I’ve been there, it’s no fun!

so let there be …

a real fresh start and new beginnings, exciting vistas where you live feeling your most alive balanced in harmony and peace with yourself

as someone how was miss stress head for decades, to do lists that someone may write for a month, I would do in a few days, I was addicted to caffeine sugar stress pain the push and proving myself to feel enough 

so the journey home to harmony and peace in this body is a bloody epic one to embody, it’s to me, the ultimate freedom, health is everything

I want to talk deeper into this, I understand this may trigger some and may make you feel a little uncomfortable, but hey, if we don’t go there, know one will ever know how good how healthy you can feel 

It’s taken me my own 17 year journey of healing my body physically mentally and emotionally, I had to face a few raw truths about myself before this healing could happen maintain and sustain …

1. I had to stop thinking about what others would think about me for doing it differently (really this is self-judgment, there’s no one to blame, it’s coming from within self)

2. I had to burn the fear and take action from a place of loving myself most (knowing that this supports everyone)

3. I had to let the familiar go, and see how it was holding me back from the health I wanted (I got my ego of rules out of the way, I chose my way)

4. I had to stop settling for the exhaustion stress negative thoughts and sugar cravings (I decided I would heal, love my body, love myself, and create my best life)

5. I had to open my mind to new perspectives (to see things merely as they are, is missing so much that is true, yet unseen) 

I’m not saying you have to do this love, but I wanted to share in case some of it could support you with a positive elevating expansive mindset shift (which is a miracle!)

BE open to Body miracles!

Ready to elevate and live freedom in your body that feels so ALIVE? 

comment below ALIVE, or DM me ALIVE, let’s chat about next steps❤️