YES!!! I needed this practical proven solution 7 years ago when I was going through hell within, I was masking everything with bandaids (unconsciously) high fat high protein diets supplements unprocessed emotions and a lot of partying, burning the candle at both ends living in London, I didn’t even know it at the time, but I wasn’t even living in-my-body, I was living in fear pain struggle disease, I was in a sense, living into an illusion, as my health now shows me otherwise, that there has always been a way, but you have to be willing to have what you think you know about health detox nutrition healing the physical body be rattled and dismantled, to see another way, to see through to the other side, and not just that, but to TRUST in the unknown, I had to trust so deeply that where I was being guided, I had to release A LOT of control, I had to release a lot of fear, I had to release a lot of people, I had to release a lot of programming, I had to release a lot of false beliefs about my body and food, I had to choose myself, I had to awaken a whole other level of Self-love to get to where I have in my body and mind, to know my health is always perfect, and that if anything does happen, I know exactly what to do, as I have the tools process’s protocols, it’s like having the most valuable and liberating embodied health wisdom knowledge library of truth EVER, and why my private clients pay me thousands, so they can put this in their tool kit, Joyous Sprinkles of love for these holy tools of truth, to know how to heal our physical mental emotional body is the greatest gift, true Self-empowerment, the beautiful simplicity of healing with fruits veggies herbs juices fasting enemas movement is a delight, all part of our 1on1 belspoke programs, once the initial freak out of the mind has settled, with all its fears doubts insecurities what if’s, and these have been expressed and cleared, then the journey is truly one of GRACE and LIBERATION, it was this journey that truly remembered me to my divine nature, the Goddess, it was the greatest connection back to my spiritual essence and also the most …


…and also the most grounding ride home to living in peace with my body and Self, it’s revealed deep self-acceptance and self-love, to walk around embodied, has been so awakening, this cellular ride has been one of my greatest catalyst’s for awakening to The Truth, and there is no time like the the present on our precious Earth mama, as now, to be going into these processes that support our awakening evolution freedom to live our healthiest happiest most harmonious awakened conscious BEAUTIFUL alive life!


Cellular detox has been a ticket of pure freedom!


…and it can work for you! If you are open to my guidance wisdom and tools, oh and my unicorn magic #ofcourse 


What’s been working for you so far? 👁


Love you❤️