It’s not bad or selfish to want to feel and BE your best, even though you have your little babes to take care of, it’s 1000% necessary and honest, being at your best benefits ALL

remember feeling like you failed is a lie, it’s simply a lesson of life, what if YOU can NEVER make a mistake – what if it’s all perfect, each part of your healing journey an initiation into your deeper truth, into your be-coming and owning of who you REALLY are, not who you think you are, who you REALLY are – this is the FREEDOM piece love!

It’s ok to have tried so many diets detoxes supplements cleanses therapies doctors tests medication … and still need more clarity because no of its given you the lasting results you know you’re here for

Health isn’t an ON/OFF thing


it needs consistency yes 

it needs daily maintenance

You need a solid nutrition foundation that supports nourishes grounds rejuvenates you

it needs you all IN, which can be effortless when you know the body awakening secrets!

it needs you committed

You need you saying YES to YOU

to reclaiming your Goddess power 

…of loving your body 

…of knowing your body

When you move through that initial discomfort that fear of commitment change a ‘new way’ (that feels so good!)…releasing that fear for good, letting it go, trusting your process – you enter a New World – you enter a place within yourself where clarity strength confidence inner peace energy joy a vibrancy and grounded centered you IS home, life shifts as you shift within – then the world shifts

YOU create your world from inside your body, all your relationships come from inside you – from the relationship you have with you.

The beauty the magic the dance the freedom the creativity that is awaiting to pour forth through into your BODY is pure ecstasy as you awaken from a long sleep – into your blossoming body garden of embodied self-love, and THEN, the REAL fun & love begins …

A word of advise women to women sister to sister what you see feel know in your HEART is REAL, it’s TRUTH, staying in the ‘oh so apparently comfortable and known place’ when you feel like shit Beauty, is NOT comfortable and a lie to yourself, you have to stretch a little within yourself-maybe a lot, whatever, it’s all perfect, honour that sacred space inside you that’s calling you home to your true dream of feeling SO at peace in yourself, we are ALL in this together!!

Now is the time to remember who you REALLY are, no longer numb dumb suppress hide any of YOU, you need all of you ON right now

your unique Self is needed 

your authentic Self is needed

Your true-Self is Ready!

Let ALL of you out to play, gone are the days of fearing your feminine power, blow all that fear of persecution of being killed burnt tortured abused for your feminine power – let it go – the past is OVER – forward bound you Go – own you – 

🔥give yourself PERMISSION TODAY, right here right now to take back ALL your GODDESS POWER and rise, affirm it aloud🔥

Now she is ready. I feel her rising. I feel her birthing this New Earth of love peace harmony and unity. FEEL this powerfully happening now, you are safe to let go and choose YOUR dreams of that blossoming heart of yours, 

life is beauty bliss ecstatic – REMEMBER IT – 

Go forth dear Goddess, know the Goddess that is within CAN overcome anything she commits to – ANYTHING. you are radiant light, 

when that foundation is set, the old removed, your body temple shines. ready for ANYTHING. 

Born ready! 

Celebrate you

Celebrate this moment 

Celebrate that YOU get to choose in this present moment

Celebrate that YOU get to direct your OWN life-force

Celebrate your femininity 

Celebrate your REBIRTH.

Now, the only question is, do you honour your energy your soul your heart enough to take right action and effort on her?

No more waiting holding back putting it off for another day that never comes, but saying YES, to YOU, OWN what you feel envision and go conquer your dreams!

You know. Follow that inner knowing.


I love you!❤️

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