Once I became aware of the power of nutrition, of how it made me feel, I started to shift. 5 years ago I was feeding my addictions, feeding the void inside to feel full, I felt empty, disconnected from my body, my mind beating the drum of bad habit

I didn’t understand my body, how it worked, and that all the toxicity I had feed it over the years was still inside me making me feel exhausted stressed foggy out of balance anxious craving and hormonally chaotic

I had to step out of the crowd to find my way home to myself, to live what I live today in my body, it took discipline, commitment, focus, I know love, but without them, the same shit keeps repeating itself!

Life is easy and peaceful in this body now🌿

I got real with what true health means in this body, I had to …

🫐Alkalise my body, reducing/avoiding all acid foods 

🫐I integrated daily dry fasting into my life

🫐I made fruit fasting a part of my day

🫐I set a foundation where I get to eat what I want daily, love it and don’t feel at all restricted

🫐I made food a peaceful experience of ease and joy

🫐I made purification TOP, parasites mucus out!

I use to think, If I’m feeling sluggish foggy stressed craving sugar and caffeine I was deficient, so I’d buy supplements (often more acid) – NOW – I know if I didn’t feel my best (its reset cleanse detox regenerate and back on track fast) my mini maintenance body awakening cleanse’s and foundation is what keeps me vibrant clear and energised 

Gorgeous, I can’t speak to anything more highly than the importance of this body, then YOUR HEALTH, how you feel is EVERYTHING for you!

I took her for granted abused her feed her shit, to now know exactly what I need to do is empowerment, I don’t fear dis-ease at all, because I know how to keep this body radiantly well and clear, such freedom💓👙💓 

A message for my former self; the longing to feel at home in you, it’s possible love, focus on getting the toxins out, alkalise your cellular body, finger up to societies BS on nutrition, they haven’t got a clue, TRUST, the body is toxic, clear the way, all will be clear. Love you!🌷

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