I CHOOSE TO LIVE FULLY - Arianna and a cat

Happy Equinox and Spring🌷bloom loves! She’s waking up, do you feel your feminine power coming back online, the long sleep is over, IT’S TIME GODDESS’S, right here right now, what are you waiting for? early morning creative expression coming through me for you ✍🏻 keep ON flowing glowing love!

do you feel like you are living fully into your truth? do you feel you are fully expressed? What if you fully said yes to you in this moment, what would be different? are you hiding parts of you, shrinking your voice your truth to not rock the boat? what’s your body saying, how do you feel? she tells ALL!

👙gone are those playing it safe days👙


What we resist will only persist, you can chose now, release that resistance in your liver-mind, along with the attachments judgment control, BLOW IT AWAY, cleanse her out and set yourself free to fly your way on wings of love🦅

these thyroid truths have turned into a powerful journey, as we express our truth it activates permission in others, a deep healer, expression opens life up-and LETS IT IN🦋

I took my body for granted, I numbed her with caffeine alcohol salty fatty foods pastries and all that delicious stodgy that kept me stagnant suppressed numb and frozen for so long, I was ignorant to this body of love UNTIL I purified  

🕉I feed the fears of my inner child at the root chakra and insecurities of my colon, I feed the addictions codependency body hatred eating disorders sexual shame betrayal of my sacral chakra, I feed the shame of my solar plexus to wipe out my power to push my feminine fire down for fear of destroying everything, I closed my heart to protect myself and shut off life love bliss, I gulped down food, my truth, and suppressed my thyroid gland words creativity to make others feel comfortable, I feed my third eye bullshit cult programming through the tv papers doctors hospitals church medication vaccinations and calcified my pineal gland to fit in, I feed my crown nothing, I didn’t believe I was supported, I felt alone disconnected lost and I didn’t trust anything🕉

…you’re here reading this cause you know there’s more to this life, YES LOVE! When we get our hormones in check, alkalise within, get the shit out of this body! Boom! Let’s go!

OH how we can change transform heal, HEAL it all and total be Reborn Anew, here is your REBIRTH, I remember someone saying to me once, don’t change stay the same, and remember thinking, ‘why the fuck do I want to stay the same?’, I was a sleep then, but it activated my DNA, and the journey began …

we’ve come here, you chose this life to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, NOT stay numbed down to please others … live for you, and you live for ALL, end the distractions, focus on YOU 

ITS NOW beautiful, feminine Goddess of love light strength and might, NOW is our time to wake the fuck up and show up, burn the masks and live expressed embodied and OPEN the heart to all that is here to embrace and enJOY




The feminine voice has been feared for way too long, the feminine holds so much harmony in her frequency, MOTHER🌏EARTH needs you tuned in – it’s now a reclaiming fully of your life force power and focusing on what you want in YOUR heart, dreamyourdreamAWAKE

affirm💭I know who I AM and I AM proud of who I AM, I love and accept myself exactly as I AM, I AM centred in my truth, I trust thyself 

Freedom is yours, clear the body, clear the way, within-without, you hold the KEY🗝what gateway will you unlock today? the gateway of the fresh new spring flowers your inner🪶peace freedom and joy? Or stay resisting and holding on to the past?

You get to choose. 

Be bold Beauty. 

Trust you. 


Bright fresh spring kisses!


💌I am here for you, reach out if you’re ready to accelerate your aliveness💌

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