There is a great misunderstanding in the world of endocrinology and thyroid medication, that by addressing the levels of the thyroid hormones T3 T4 rT3 TSH you can keep your thyroid under check, and keep altering your medication 

… but this does not lead to health … so what’s the point here …

I understand your fear worry pain on this journey, it is one I saw my whole childhood into my twenties and beyond, as my mum and both sisters were all put on medication unnecessarily, I hear so many of the struggles here, how so many feel even worse, and know deep in their heart the medication is not good, but don’t know what to do, and that’s why I am here writing this for you, because there is a way to health freedom, naturally  

medication may seem to be easy quick relief, but the truth is its not, it causes more pain struggle and suffering, when we have the natural tools to heal, this should not be happening!

I hear you Beautiful, anything to get away from those horrendous symptoms of brain fog body pain exhaustion bloating digestive upset cravings weight fluctuations confusion memory loss anxiety stress panic attacks depression deep seated fear…. of course you want to get away from this pain! I understand

But taking medication and getting thyroid panel testing regularly is no way to get well or heal, and this is NOT your fault, its no ones fault, doctors simply are not taught how to heal but to suppress, there’s no wisdom or real knowledge of how the human body heals unless they have gone a natural route and actually lived the proof in their body, this is what gave me my wisdom and knowing beyond my days, my embodiment and living proof, its having deep integrity

So how can you heal and set yourself free, and live healthy, fully free from all the above symptoms I listed? 

Through using The Body Awakening ‘Way’ method, no fad dieting no high protein or high fat or elimination diets here, no, nor fad detoxing, nor endless tubs of supplements, true healing of your thyroid gland which is part of your endocrine glands, very precious glands to live healthy, requires real wisdom and knowledge of how the body heals itself, something I can joyful say I have a ton of, having healed myself of over 40 symptoms naturally

The truth here, is that whether you have a under functioning thyroid, bad lungs, unstable sugar levels, back pain, endometriosis, stress, anxiety, hypothyroid, weight gain, exhaustion, off hormones, it all comes back to one thing, toxicity; from mucus build up acid build up and many other toxins that lay active in the body for decades, gradually degenerating the weaker parts in your body 

My weaker parts was always the thyroid stomach and gut area, the thyroid and gut impact each other, once I made this my focus, to clean clear cleanse at a cellular level my gut and entire body, even since I have gone through this process which I now call The Body Awakening ‘Way’ method I have not had one symptom back, and live totally symptom free so healthy and happy

I have supported women to come off medication that they’ve been on for 15 years and stay off it, medication can never heal the body its an acidic toxic chemical, this is very misleading when you’re lead to believe it will help you, you just want to be well, when it’s making the body sicker

through using alkalising plant based mucus free and mucus lean nutrition and a cellular detox process that is bespoked and specifically tailored to your needs challenges and desired results, the body can heal fully, we work at the root level, it’s only healing from the root where you will get permanent shifts in your health, surface approach like medication and testing is a bandaid 

At the root we see all symptoms fade away, it’s truth, it’s simply understanding how the human body repairs regenerates and resets itself, we need to focus on how nutrition can support you to transform your body from pain to paradise, which may seem far off right now I understand, so address your root cause and heal at the foundation as I’ve shared here, you will take back fully your well-being and embody a healthy confident happy you, medication free is possible for all

this is why our programs are different and why we bespoke everyone, you are unique and your wellbeing matters to us greatly, we show you what’s possible, no matter how much you have tried, there is always a way, with a truthful approach that has the highest intentions for your wellbeing, true healthcare starts here

If you would like to find out more about our Body Awakening programs that are bespoked for you, please message us privately.

Warmth & Love


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