With our planet going through rapid change transformation and flux right now, it all starts with our body and what we are feeding her, and this temple we live in requires a new level of nutrition and taking care of!

I wrote an article on the false claims of coconut oil a few years ago, still to this day I get weekly comments and so many women saying thank you for this information ‘as I’ve been feeling awful, but thought it couldn’t be the coconut oil because everyone says it’s so great for your hormones’ 🤔

we require minimal fat, 5-10%,
and this is of wholefood sources not processed fats, I found this out the hard way, after decades of eating so much FAT butters oils omega oils fish oils this oil that oil … food impacts our physical emotional and spiritual wellbeing

Healthy hormones don’t come from healthy fats, healthy hormones come from healthy endocrine glands which come from healthy kidneys liver gut and lymphatic system,

which can only ever be healthy and functioning optimally if the body is clean cleansed and detoxed of the decades of waste toxicity heavy metals acid mucus and old emotions and other impurities,

Healthy happy optimal hormones are NOT about the ‘healthy fats’ we eat, another lie which has kept women men and children suffering for so long,

I was there for years, thankfully I chose to exit out of mainstream health and did years of my own in-depth private research and created a method that is so beautifully awakening and healing, and gets to the ROOT🌳

Nutrition is about pH, not fat nutrient protein or carb quantity, when we use nutrition at pH level we see our body transform back to the bliss joy health ease radiance lightness femininity flexibility that is within us all … It’s waiting to re-awaken once the way has been cleared

What choices are you making around your nutrition right now? comment below 🙌🏻

A xx

Award-Winning Women’s Health Coach & Natural Health Advocate, Weight Loss Thyroid & Detox Expert

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