Truth On Coconut Oil! Great For Your Hormones-No It’s Not!

For so long now we have been lead to believe that coconut oil is good for us, like really good for us, and this is why we should be cooking in it, adding tablespoons to our smoothies, spread it like butter on toast and adding it to are meals. Well, this is NOT the case. Throughout my studies and early research, everywhere i looked it was talking about the health benefits of coconut oil, and lots of it, making it out to be the wonder oil cure for all.

Coconut oil is 92% saturated fat, bad LDL cholesterol. Oil and fat are oil and fat. Just because it has a few structures within it that have been found to be anti-viral, anti-microbial, this does not mean we need it, we should be making food choices which fuel our body, which will strengthen our immune system to fight off the bad microbes.

Ounce for ounce, coconut oil has more saturated fat than butter, a rendered form of beef  fat, or lard. “So coconut oil raises LDL cholesterol as much – or more – than animal fats,” cautions Dr. Kenney, Nutrition Research Specialist and Educator

Yes, lard has less saturated fat than coconut oil, and we all know lard is not good for us, this is not to say animal fat is any better, but this puts coconut oil in perspective. Saturated fat causes our bodies blood flow to slow down, not only coconut oil, but all oil, causing our arteries to clog, increasing are risk of cardiovascular disease, heart problems, increasing LDL cholesterol and damaging our overall health, especially our hormones.

Why does oil affect our hormone health, well saturated fat has massive impact on our estrogen levels, creating more estrogen in the body, adding to the hormone imbalance, and disrupting other hormones, like our thyroid function; which affects our weight, mood, hair growth, skin and energy. So if we are feeding ourselves a food which increases our estrogen levels, then we are adding to the degeneration of our hormones leading to estrogen dominant illness’s i.e. Endometriosis, Hypothyroid, Infertility, Bad Menopause, PMS, fibroids and hormone related cancers.

You ‘re probably thinking well the majority are saying it is good, and i was once part of that majority, but lets look at the real evidence here, worldwide we have never had so much ill-health, especially hormone related ill-health, we are at an epidemic level now, with some people living day by day with symptoms and not even realizing it is a hormone problem, passing it off as stress or tiredness, awareness must be raised.

Don’t ignore your body, it will tell you when something is up, ‘symptoms’, this is not us, we should not have them, so if you are experiencing any of these symptoms your body is trying to tell you something; PMS, lower back pain, painful periods, headaches, hair loss, dry skin, weight gain, mood changes, anxiety, depression, fatigue, exhaustion, fertility issues, hot flashes, night sweats, acne, pain, aches in joints, cold hands and/or feet, loss of libido, bloating, tearfulness.

How can a 92% saturated fat be good for us, really, we all know saturated fat is not great, so why is coconut oil an exception, well maybe because its another FAD craze, miss informing people and wasting your money, and sucking you in. I will be completely honest with you, i have spent a fortune on coconut oil thinking it was so good, and now i know better due to hours and hour of research, and have witnessed the difference physical in both myself and my clients.

The one area it is great for, is our hair and skin, and for natural lubrication, but not in your mouth, on your body not in your body.

Are you experiencing any of the symptoms listed in this article, unsure what to do next, feel free to send me an email:

I would love to hear your comments on this.


Arianna (Founder)

Award-Winning 2018 Women’s Health Coach , Qualified Nutritionist & Bio-resonance Operator

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  1. This article mentioned: ” really, we all know saturated fat is not great ”

    Haha…. Please follow the latest research or the related books . Saturated fat is not “criminal” now.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      I am not here to people please, I am here to reveal the truth, not many people want to hear it though, because it means making changes,
      Unfortunately there is so much confusion in the health world, many have been sucked into false claims.
      I would suggest that you check who’s backing the research you are reading, it’s very likely be the meat, dairy and junk industries.


  2. I was totally addicted to coconut oil, used it in everything and on everything, as a face wash as well as facial & body moisturise, as a hair conditioner, for cooking, teeth cleaning and all sorts.
    I suffered for nearly a year with all of the symptoms above and after going to the doctor was diagnosed with Hashimotos. I went onto meds and changed my diet but didnt eliminate coconut oil. Why should I? Everywhere it is lauded as a miracle oil!
    After another year and feeling worse then ever I went to a Naturopath and she checked me thoroughly then gave me guidelines for what to eat etc. One of the things she very forcefully advised me was to avoid coconut as with having had a hysterectomy along with my thyroid problem it was an progesterone precursor which would play havoc on my thyroid. I was amazed and said to her how could this be? Coconut has been a huge part of my life for about 6 or so years. She explained how she has been advising people ever since the coconut craze hit the world of how bad it actually is for women, similar to soya. It may be good for some people but not for everyone.
    I have now cut it out for about 6 months and it really is amazing to see the differences. Most of the above symptoms have gone or decreased and become manageable and I feel so much healthier.
    I use it occasionally again mixing in with hand lotions etc but I really am interested to see that there is a general opinion out there that it isnt the miracle cure evreyone has said it is.

  3. OMG,Thank you for this article. I have been eating coconut oil for last 8-9 years…lots of it…I thought it was healthy.
    Now I have BC and am trying to see what could have contributed to it….I bet this was huge part of it,since it drives estrogen up…etc..

    I am going to cut it out completely….

    Thanks again for your research.🌷

    1. Hi Isabel,
      So glad to help, yes coconut oil has been a big misleading food story for some time now.
      If it interests you, I have a closed facebook group called The Art Of Healing Your Hormones For Radiant Health’ – it is free to join, and has lots of natural content for your health journey.
      Warmest Arianna

  4. Hello this is all a shock to me after 2 years now of replacing dairy with coconut oil because of my auto immune condition this is unbelievable, it saddens me that we all get so confused, could you please give me guidance as to what you believe is the best form of oil to cook with and addition to my daily rooibos tea which I drink instead of coffee with honey ☺️ Your advice would be greatly appreciated !!!!

      1. Hi. I was or am keto and using a tonnnn of flax and coconut oil and oil pulling with it several times a day. I had originally lost 18 pounds and now put 7 back on eating the exact same! I have now suddenly entered menopause and have cyctic acne and a low thyroid. Is it the oils or maybe long term keto isn’t good??

        1. Hi Jennifer,

          Long term keto is very unbalancing for the body and especially hormones, our body cant heal when so much fat is going in. To much fat leads to acidic build-up and elimination pathways being slowed done or stopped, so the body builds up with waste and your hormones get thrown off balance, thyroid will suffer here – whole-food-plant fats are best and a low-fat intake is best for healing the body and hormones, Hope this helps you xx

  5. No where have you mentioned anything about migraines being caused by the hormones in coconut oil (and soy). I am starting to fear that the 3 years of coconut oil & soy that I have consumed maybe started my optic migraines again after a menopausal 22 years’ lapse?.

    1. Hi Sperry,
      This is definitely a possibility, but there are many other factors to understand, like heavy metal, dioxin, parasite or virus toxicity, which cause havoc at cellular level, a proper DNA detox and cleanse will support you here,
      I hope this supports you, feel free to reach out to me via email for further support


  6. Hi Arianne, I too have been using coconut oil for most of my cooking and also dor my skin( which you say is alright to use topically). I have had a hyterectomy recently with severe endometriosis, though they managed to save one ovary so have not gone into menopause. Of course I want to stay away from anything that is going to push my oestrogen levels up, as endo is oestrogen dominant disease and also a sign of a deficient immune system. There is so much out there for how good this oil is for yiur hormones so to read this is a shock. But i will be giving up the coconut oil just to be on the safe side. What about eating coconut flakes? Is that alright?
    Thanks for the info!

    1. Hi Belinda,
      So glad you came across my article, yes I would stay clear, or use very very little coconut oil,
      coconut flakes are fine.
      After a hysterectomy self-care and healing is very important,
      Sending love

    2. Hi Belinda,
      I totally hear you, I also use to eat so much oil, because I thought I needed it for my hormones, its actually highly toxic to our body, some fresh coconut or coconut flakes are fine,
      Wishing you well on your journey

      Arianna x

  7. Found this insightful article. Thanks…
    My estrogen levels have recently skyrocketed from 62 to 860. I was advised by my Dr that I am estrogen dominant. My symptoms are so awful every day. Weight gain, no sleep, depressed, etc…

    My Dr asked me to inventory foods, products etc…The only change I had made the last 8 months was using coconut oil as a daily foot rub and daily moisturizer. In reading your article and responses, I’m thinking it’s the coconut oil that’s wrecking havoc on my body….

    Have you any feedback on (not ingesting coconut oil), but rather applying it daily/frequently as a factor for increased estrogen?

    1. Hi Sallie,

      It depends how much you’re using, it could be impacting your health- I don’t have feedback, but its possible;
      there is a root cause to your symptoms, thats where you need to go to heal your body fully, other toxicity is very likely to be causing you to struggle i.e. heavy metals, parasites, dioxins – estrogen implies major toxicity in the body, which is impacting your hormones- to get really specific it requires bespoke analysis and diagnostic, you can 100% heal your weight gain, sleep and feel rested again, and return to a more happy uplifted place inside yourself,
      Please feel free to email me at for further support,
      Sending love

  8. I have been doing keto diet and coconut was a must according to everyone. Since starting a month ago I have had the worst hot flashes. Since only using for a month will I notice a decrease in these quickly?

    1. Hi Jodi,

      I’m so sorry to here your struggles, coconut oil is to much for our body, it shuts down our hormones and energy flow,
      I would definitely stop the coconut oil,
      to heal we need to remove the toxicity, and coconut oil adds more in.

      Arianna x

  9. Thank You! Literally everything else on the internet says that you can use coconut oil to balance your hormones. I recently stopped drinking coffee/caffeine and I’m taking Vitamin D3, using a magnesium spray, and a probiotic. Life was good until I added in a supplement that contained coconut oil. My hormones became all sorts of disrupted. I wasn’t sleeping, was having low back pain and terrible periods. I narrowed it down to that supplement but have been trying to research the mechanics of what was causing the imbalance. I know how to listen to my body but I like to know the science behind it. <3 I'm going to find and follow your facebook page.

    1. Hi Maggie,
      I don’t use any oils, I get my oils and advise my clients to get theirs from whole-food plant-based sources, we function best on low-fat – this is where we speed up the healing process, whole-food plant fats are the most nourishing and easily used by our body, oil in its processed form clogs up the body increases acid build-up and stops our elimination pathways from functioning, so we build-up with waste which leads to imbalance and major health problems. Hope this helps you xx

  10. Thank you so much for posting this! In the past 2-3 months I’ve been using coconut oil in smoothies. I’m experiencing hot flashes and no sleep! I’m only 36! I’ll be stopping it immediately. I do have a question – is coconut milk ok? What about coconut water?

  11. Well gosh!

    I have just had stage 1 BC and had borderline ovarian tumour a couple of years ago. I use coconut on everything. Skin, natural lube, cooking etc.

    SO that’s the last jar I buy.

    I am about to have my second ovary out and a life of estrogen reduction which just doesn’t make sense to me.

    1. Hi Brooke,

      Yes there is a huge amount of misinformation around hormones and fat consumption out in the mainstream!

      The body can heal and balance can be reinstated, removal of body parts does nothing for our health and is never a solution.

      You can schedule a free call via the blue button on the home page if you would like to talk with me,


      Award-Winning Womens Health Coach

  12. Hi there so happy to find your article!! I need help ! I’ve been doing Coconut oil and Mct oil and coconut butter since 2014
    I had my lining removed in 2014
    2016 woke up severe anxiety menopause etc dr gave me estradiol low dose and progesterone had hysterectomy then hormone pellets I’m a mess told me to do 3 tablespoons of Coconut oil etc my HDL went up to 102 my LDL is 197 . I started last week getting sick massive pain so I quit Coconut oil etc
    Do you think Hemp seed oil is ok
    And hemp seeds ? When you say low fat diet can I still have organic sour cream and aged Kerry gold cheese nuts and seeds etc is ok and 2 paster raised eggs and a couple of avocados and olive oil is safe
    My skin went to heck in 2014
    I’m trying to get that back
    Oh is Salmon good ! I need omega 3 s bad
    Please help I’m lost too much confusion

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