I know on my own healing journey all I heard was you need more fat for your brain and hormones, ‘Oh but good fat’, sure there’s better fats then others, but fat is fat in the body, I was having this conversation yesterday with a Goddess whos just signed up to one of our Body Awakening programs

This is not to say you don’t eat fat ever, of course you can, my point is that fat is not a healer, fat does not = health, it’s masking the root- where victory lives for all, to root, you rise up higher 

a healthy body hormones nerves emotions brain function, these areas thrive off light energy alkalinity plant purity, a clear temple is the 🗝

Why a high fat diet can work for a bit? 

… fat suppresses the body into false relief, 

so essentially a high fat diet is another bandaid

we’re lead to believe sugar is the culprit for diabetes – Its not, fat is … we need natural sugar, we need lots of it – pure plant sugars🍑💋yay yum oh so sweet and delicious is this life!

my 10 year dive into nutrition I found huge misinterpretations misunderstandings 

of the human body and how it heals with food, plus we have a food industry pumping out nonsense claims about food vitamins minerals and health, be deeply discerning here Beauty

for a body to sustain and stabilize higher frequencies and vibrant health it requires a clear inner terrain, an unobstructed body temple, this means using pure food and pure processes that support all detox pathways to heal at the root 

Be honest with how you feel beautiful, because I know how I felt on a high fat high protein diet, bloody awful, tried emotional heavy foggy and not in flow, disconnected from my heart knowing 

Flow vibrant health joy that feminine christ light you want to embody and shine out to the world, yes love, that is who you are and why you are here, I found mine by purifying my body, working with the plants and their sacred loving healing awakening consciousness, that is who we are🌿

It’s a process of true liberation, to living in harmony with all life … starting within YOU love.

nature is our home♥️love is our vibe

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