Embodiment is everything, and one of the 7 steps of The Body Awakening Way Method I created to get to the root and embody lasting next level VIBRANT health results. When you embody your truth, when you fully embody your true Self, after the layers of toxins have been shed, you will experience a kind of health very few are experiencing, maybe only 1 percent of the people on our planet right now. This is where you will experience permanent results and freedom in your body. 

Embodiment comes from be-ing-in-your-body. By this, I mean, it’s about actually living from your bodyheart. You have to be present inside yourself with your energy and what lights you up, makes you feel good, and what makes YOU happy. What do you really want, not getting lost in what everyone else wants around you? What LIGHTS up your SOUL? If you’re lit up, you will light up the world, and this is what we need more of. 

It takes consistency and responsibility to yourself. When you feel embodied, you feel confident, grounded, centred, clear, calm, peaceful, empowered, like your inner-flame has been switched on, permanently, fully, and completely in alignment. This is where you transcend all limitations, and you align to your divinity, embodying your divine nature in this human body. This is called your zero-point.

It took me much inquiry and inner body investigation to fully understand embodiment, 2 key steps which supported me on my journey so much and took me over a decade to work out – shortcut here for you NOW, is:

  1. We have to ground into this body temple, which means having our Earth organs healthy and clean, this is our stomach and spleen, which both connect to Mother Earth, and also connect to emotions of self-judgement self-criticism and unworthiness, so here in these 2 organs digestion and lymphatic systems we reset physically and emotionally and raise your vibe BEAUTY! Heal at the core – heal it all! Using food combining, always eating fruits alone, avoiding fried and animal foods as much as possible, drink away from food, dandelion tea with lemon juice is all great to get started!
  2. .Embodiment requires sustaining and stabilising a higher frequency which means the body has to be clean and pure to be able to embody that higher you, the high frequencies do not like a toxic body, they just cant integrate, so cellular detox is everything here. A great start here is 13-16 hours of dry fasting daily from 8 or 9 pm to 9am/12noon next day – this allows for a total cellular RESET.

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