When you feel like giving up … but wait! this is it Sister, the breakthrough is upon you …

I’ve been at this point so many times in my life too, but the calling is too strong to ever give up on this precious life, to give up on that sacred dream of the heart the soul, given by God, because its yours, bathe in what’s possible when we step up, act courageously, and our brave enough to follow our souls calling!!

…this is what we are made of, golden lights of love … where anything is truly possible if you trust, believe and act on it,

You are way stronger than you ever imagined
You are a sacred light the world needs, NOW more than ever
You are a precious star that shines so bright,
a rare diamond

hear our beautiful Sisters inspiring story below … over to Wendy …

‘I contacted Arianna because the methods I had used to successfully lose unwanted body fat in the past were no longer working for me and I had begun to gain weight that I could not shift.
I was curious to explore a plant based lifestyle and was especially interested in finding out more about Arianna’s unusual methods (I often find that it’s the less mainstream approaches that work for me).
When I started working with Arianna, I felt bloated and foggy headed, often feeling lack lustre and I was starting to lose confidence in my appearance. I work as a Personal Change Specialist, so it’s very important for me to find effective ways to create the change that I am looking to create in my own life.
I’ve been working with Arianna via several of her programmes and I’ve lost 24lbs so far.
It was slow to come off to begin with, but I experienced many other benefits while I was waiting for the weight to shift;
super clear skin, strong nails and hair, a feeling of clarity and lightness and a huge sense of satisfaction that I’ve made the shift to plant based living with no ill effects whatsoever (although some of the detox symptoms are a bit intense at times, but so worth it!) Because Arianna takes a holistic approach, benefits go way beyond what you initially sign up for.
In clearing up my body at a cellular level, it has up levelled many areas of my life. I’m especially pleased that ‘The Wisdom of Change’ oracle deck I’d been working on for so long is finally published and ready for market – it’s results like this that you can never predict when you make the decision to invest in yourself at this level.
A truly fascinating journey – thanks for being brave enough to stand out from the crowd of coaches out there Arianna; I’m so glad our paths crossed’.
Wendy Prior, Personal Change Specialist, Writer and Creator.

You can watch me and Wendy share an inspiring conversation with lots of golden nuggets here👉🏻 https://www.facebook.com/arianna.maria.aunon/videos/3192513860780638/?t=2

So much love & light
Rise Sister!

Arianna x

Award-Winning Women’s Health Coach & Natural Health Advocate, Weight Loss Thyroid & Detox Expert – www.ariannaaunon.com/start-here

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