You truly DO get to feel so good in your body Beauty!

I use to go to bed feeling so alone, even though my boyfriend was by my side

I didn’t understand it was my own aloneness from being so disconnected from my heart, so un-expressed, lost in all the lies and conditioning of childhood 

It was the nervous system adrenals my unhappy depleted hormones, to much estrogen inflammation and acid in my system 

feed daily with stimulants animal foods stress over worked to much in my masculine energy late nights and so much sugar 

but I have so much respect for my former self, she tried so hard to feel better, but didn’t have a clue bless her, years of guessing, searching, lost in the rat race of false health information  

because to ask for support was unheard of, I learned woman need to push at it alone to show they can prove themselves, to show they’re worthy of being, worthy of pleasure 

so it became my greatest fear, to truly share my emotions my heart, how I TRULY felt inside with another, to speak out what I really needed

now to this present moment, I know so deep in my core my being, support is the best thing EVER, and needed 

it is that accountability that coming together of souls that moves mountains and sets us free to truly grow evolve and be our best 

I saw how my over stimulated nervous system my burnt out adrenals my imbalanced hormones the body shame and sexual guilt I held inside, was running my life, and I didn’t know

so many traumas are held in these systems/organs, and for as long as the acidic foods are going in, stagnant emotions unaddressed, physical toxicity left in the body

its what runs the daily actions habits behaviours decisions and reactions in each of us, moulding the reality you live or don’t live 

I had to anchor into my self belief self faith self trust to go beyond my fears to take the actions I’ve taken in life to get where I am today in my heart health relationships life and communication 

It’s been uncomfortable, but worth it all, the growth, the learning, the freedom, the travel the purpose, the souls I have been so blessed to meet and have in my life

this brings tears to my precious eyes, for when we truly trust in each moment – YOU ARE BEING GUIDED – that your heart/soul knows, your mind really doesn’t 

Here is the ultimate freedom, to be even more to create even more to LOVE even deeper, to LET GO of the fear and be-come so alive 

to say yes to this adventure called The Body, and know that whatever is going on for you right now, the excess weight stress anxiety low self-esteem food addictions depression 

it’s healable, it’s even perfect lovely, there is nothing wrong, you are safe, and everything will shift, when we choose to detox this body and really look at our emotional life

because it is here that sets you fully free to be in your happiness, calm relaxed centred and totally trusting in life and yourself

when both the physical organs and emotional well-being is focused on through nutrition, cell detox and authentic self-expression, it’s the gateway that will rid all medication all excess weight stress food cravings stress and unease 

bringing that soul home to the truth of a life of absolute peace self-love clarity purpose, flow, to live alive, and feel and look your absolute best, ready to do what YOU love

what I realised, is to be at total peace inside this body, as you are, is the freedom everyone is looking for, and it’s right here

I’m not tooting my own horn, just fully owning the power of this transformational process, so a toot to spirit, it has given me so much, and can do the same for any woman who wants this level of freedom

It’s awakened my higher purpose, optimal well-being mind body soul, my power to love, freedom clarity self-love inner-peace, and rich authentic expression

our bespoke Body Awakening programs cover it ❤️

What’s your true body vision? …and what’s stopping you if anything?