Do you crave foods you know aren’t good for you? but, you just can’t say no 😱

Breath Beautiful,
It’s not you that’s craving the unhealthy food,
it’s the environment inside you

for soooooo long cravings run my life
they took over my focus concentration happiness relationships and balance

and my body suffered big time!!

our body can’t handle constant giving in to cravings, and I saw what those cravings did to my physical body but also my emotional mental energetic and spiritual bodies

When cravings kick in, we know something is up inside,
it’s a sure sign of imbalance

So what can you do?

It’s all happening at a cellular level, and it’s the only place we can go to fully eliminate cravings for good, and clear there toxic affects on your body mind and soul

so much of what we end up craving has been plugged by the food industry to be good for us (the biggest scam ever peeps)

meat eggs grains coffee spices fats granolas healthy butter

Food can be such an empowering sacred medicine when we use it correctly, but this means relearning 95% of what we’ve been taught about food

Food is chemistry
Not fuel
It’s about the pH
Not the vitamins and minerals
It’s about the cleansing power
Not the good fats
It’s about the eliminating process
Not the protein

I discovered mine and my clients wild endless life taking cravings came down to;

Acidic tissue
Parasite infections
Fungus overgrowth
Stagnant lymphatic system
Kidneys not filtering
Sluggish Digestive system
Blocked endocrine glands
Unfelt & unwitnessed emotions
Stones (toxic buildup) blocking organs
Stagnant metabolic waste at a cellular level

…and this can all be rebalanced realigned reset and healed by working on the body at a cellular level
through the beauty power purity simplicity ease and grace of mucus free lean eating

When we use plant food as a sacred medicine to remove what is not severing us and to make space for inner healing

The body gets to reset its internal and external environment
from this place all cravings drop away
like magic, it’s so exciting!!

Having got over all my cravings
and seen many of my clients do the same

I’ve witnessed the freedom this brings to all areas of our life

No longer does food take over your life
But food awakens more life

Food becomes this magical relationship

Food becomes your sacred tonic
that can heal anything!

Change the environment inside the body
It’ll change the food you desire to put in it

What is your relationship with food?

Love you!

Arianna x