I value freedom❤️ It was my days of taking care of horses and riding them that taught me this value … that I am free to be … to run wild and go my way, they taught me fearlessness, they reached into my soul and saw me, and I saw myself, yet that got twisted and distorted from what I saw out there, it was only when I started to turn inward that I remembered freedom … horse riding was an activation for me, and taking care of this majestic creatures opened me up to soul magic🐎🐎🐎… this freedom energy was ignited in me again when I went to the doctors surgery at 17 offered paracetamol for an eating disorder, a mental imbalance — which was actually a gut liver and toxicity imbalance, gut-brain-axis, what I was offered didn’t feel like freedom to me, I walked out … and I found a way through freedom of expression through art painting talking to another to share my inner feelings, freedom is who we are naturally, we are all free, and if you feel stuck right now, look within, do not make decisions based on out there, only when we turn within our soul our heart look at our fears our emotions feelings triggers inner child wounds traumas food habits toxicity overload, can we liberate, you liberate you from within your body temple, this is the innate power you hold to transform anything, if it doesn’t feel true to your heart, change it, freedom doesn’t settle, FREEDOM goes all🔥🔥

Freedom says YES to herself🌹

Love you!❤️

Arianna Health Goddess 


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