We’re breaking a fast, the body has been fasting all night, and why the talk of breakfast being so important is false, breakfast doesn’t make you strong have more energy feel clear, nope none of that, BUT if it does, is because it’s switching off the detox pathways, which makes you feel better, especially if the body is heavy in toxins, as on soon as you put food liquids in-unless it’s raw organic fresh fruit fresh juices veggies herbal teas … detox is turned off.Β 

I did my break-fast at 1pm today, before that I was writing as the sun rises, I rise, did kundalini, went for a run through the woods to the mountains, then worked on a book project, then fresh raw organic fruit juice herbs and sat in sunshine medicine RA🌞relaxing.

Came on we’ve all heard it, β€˜you need a big breeky to start the day’ such BS, I use to need caffeine and sugar to get me going, when we need something to pick us up to get us going in the morning (anytime in fact) it’s a clear sign there is acidity in the body, when the body is clear we don’t need stimulation to get going, energy is flowing as the organs cells hormones are clean and functioning optimally, a happy liver is energized, a happy gut is flow and clarity.Β 

My stimulant addictions use to be out of control, life shows us anything is possible when we no longer resist what our body truly needs to heal itself, you are your own healer sister, dive into YOU.

I ignored many messages of the body, as I chose to listen to the bhla of mainstream conditioning programming family – our planet is constipated, the colon holds all fears and insecurities, and it’s all fear right now … chose the unconditional love of the liver, that’s where it awakens, once clean, once we clear the digestive tract heal nourish, we remember our fearless and empowered nature in this world, to take charge of our health and life. the deeper I dive into nutrition detox the body, the more truth reveals, truth shakes up everything we think we know. Will you let yourself be shaken Beauty, in the most liberating sense I say, to open up to TRUTH, to know truth of freedom in this body?πŸ¦‹