I didn’t even feel in my body.

I felt so uncomfortable.

Urgh feelings.

Fed up.

Hated it all.

Tried it all.

Not happy.

I didn’t like the way I looked or felt in my body.

So tired, so exhausted.

My body resisted change, to feel safe, the weight acted as a protection, the anxiety heavy on my chest, I hated going out. 

I ate healthy, what I thought was ‘healthy’.

I did all the diets.

I did all the exercise regimes.

Nothing worked for me, nothing got me results that lasted. 


I addressed …

the root cause

my acidic body,

the mucus inside me.

the shame guilt and anger 

in my stomach, gut and liver.

the trauma in my womb,

to come home to loving me.

a cellular level of healing 

to reset, regenerate and rejuvenate.

You can eliminate that heavy urgh uncomfortable out of control weight gain, emotional eating and stress, and love being in your body again and feel your beautiful self, if I can do it lovely, SO CAN YOU! 

…any toxic medication CAN go too! ticket to freedom!

You can live free light happy confidently in your body, that weight is not you, it’s toxins it’s excess old hormones it’s acid it’s mucus…

FREE EMPOWERED ALIVE in your feminine magic! live this. choose this. NOW.

When we apply a proven process that works like The Body Awakening Reset Method, that gently brings your body back to balance clarity truth, energized and light, the body gets what it needs, and so do you … and you can heal it all!

Much love❤️Arianna Health Goddess 

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