the photo of me above left-

I was exhausted

Totally ungrounded

Giving my power away

Craving sugar coffee alcohol fat carbs

A lot of fear

full of parasites

full of mucus

full of acid

full of liver kidney pancreas stones

my head was so unclear, like fog

I was living in my head

I didn’t trust myself

I lacked confidence

I felt lost often

Imbalanced hormones

I was attached to so much

Trying to control everything

I was in a co-dependent relationship

I was drinking very often

I was eating fried oily salty plant-foods, I was trapped by food, unhealthy distracted drama pleasing others

You can see in my face I am inflamed inside, dark circles under my eyes are unhappy kidneys, masculine, puffy holding onto water toxins, stagnant energy in my body, a heaviness to my energy field, I was an emotional wreck, so much triggered me and I was always reacting! I felt toxic! Unclear! Always over doing.

6-12months later, oh the liberation in how much can shift in just 6-12months!!

True-self re-membered, I woke up!

For the first time in my life I felt grounded embodied and at peace in my body

Boundless energy, more energy than I had ever felt, ever

So much love awakening

parasites out

mucus out

stones out

Craving free!

Clear head clear thoughts, no longer living in my head, dropped deeper into my heart and flow

Huge heart opening and healing

Deepened connection to my-true-Self

Let go of so much control

Trust deepened into my cells

No co-dependant relationship, it’s time for me and to love me first, so I could truly love another as I am so in love with who I am (this is the journey of sweet liberation!)

Started cellular detoxing purifying mind body soul

Started living 80% mucus free

Started alkaline living journey to living in a body of luxurious paradise, remembering my majesty

Body became easy effortless blissful pure joy and freedom, living on my terms

You can see in my face no inflammation, glowing, light, bright, gentle, feminine, so many layers had been peeled away, happy kidneys liver gut hormones glands brain heart all cleansed at a cellular level where my body could start to fully repair rebuild regenerate.

I feel at total peace in this body. Fully home. Relaxed.

As I healed my relationship with food, I healed my relationship with my body, with my

I shed so many unhealthy toxic habits patterns toxins physically mentally emotionally energetically and liberated my soul to live wild free awake and unattached,

to be true to me and not get stuck worrying about what others will think of me,

sure I had this for a long time, but found our transformation and full integration can only take place when you let this go!

so I learnt practised daily to LET IT GO!

If you are ready to go here, to have full body regeneration over a 6 month period

a total upgrade, a purification of your entire life, body mind soul, complete alignment back to liberation and love and ease and flow, your next level Self

I just opened up a very limited number of spots on The Ultimate Body Awakening

True-Self Illumination journey

… this path calls you like the medicine does,

if you are being called right now to fully embody your true-self and live paradiseOnearth in you!

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This is a transformational Holistic Health journey for effortless permanent healthy weight-loss, super confidence, supreme vitality, illuminated clarity, boundless energy, joyful creativity, true-self awakening, coming home to peace inside your soul, grounding even deeper into your Queendom, through your body your heart your base to the limitless possibility in this sacred body temple, through purification regeneration rejuvenation and cellular repair, the whole body AWAKENS to her TRUTH.

we look forward to hearing from you!

much love,

Arianna x

Award-Winning Womens Health