TRUTH🔥EASY 30+lbs Weight-Loss & off Decades of …👙New Beginnings🌸

This journey can be so exciting when anchored in truth, and I know the unknown can be terrifying, but on the other side is so much peace grace calm clarity vibrancy freedom love purpose

If one woman can do, so can many many more!

Vanessa ex-lawyer and working in corporate came to be wondering what was different here

How could I help her after she’d already tried so much, diets supplements medication meditation breathwork …

She wondered; How can I put in all this effort and still not lose weight or feel good inside myself, or see any improvement?

And after years of battling her body, doctors putting her on unnecessary anti-depressant medication for simply feeling her feelings, leading to further weight gain, self-hate and an unnecessary hysterectomy surgery 

She could sense something didn’t feel quite right, mal diagnosis mal treated when it’s supposed to be healthCARE, nothing explained no real support, so she turned the other way and seeked my support .

She had heard about us through a private client, who had also tried so much to lose weight, another woman who got amazing results with our holistic approach .

What made Vanessa book a call was our non-conformist approach, something that appealed to her nature, she was ready!

Our approach allowed her to believe the weight-loss and getting off all medication IS possible!

So Vanessa booked a complimentary Body Breakthrough call with us, it was time to move forward with more freedom ease and happiness

She’s now coming to the end of her 6 months and lost 30+pounds of weight easily, got off over 2 decades of toxic anti-depressant and HRT medication safely and is now at peace with her body

feeling happier slimmer lighter brighter more confident, in her feminine energy/heart space more, empowered in her body  

we had to heal the liver kidneys gut endocrine glands lymphatic, all at cell level, through this process the body is able to heal fully

…and why we call it The Body Awakening Reset method, 

Ready for an easier way that works and is truly healthy for you?️

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