Are trust issues getting in the way of your growth and well-being?

Trust has been the biggest journey of my life, decades unravelling my trust issues, to find the core  

it was betrayal of trust that lay deep in my womb memory of incest as a child

it was outer need for change that lead me to deep inner inquiry, I knew I had to go within

my exploration in this body of cellular detoxing, evolved plant nutrition, plant medicine, sacral chakra and wombspace healing, energy resetting, and daily devotion to my growth

…I realised that even though I didn’t trust a lot throughout my life, it didn’t stop me from investing in my vision,

my purpose my becoming was ALWAYS so strong, once I cleared the way within, it guided me to deep trust in so many areas of my life (some I’m still working on, always learning!)

when you trust yourself, you no longer get in your own way, you step up, because you KNOW deep within, you are always supported always taken care of 

I learnt a deep surrender on this journey, to be with what’s there right now, present, mindful open aware conscious

here you get to move into deeper levels of trust within in each moment of life, you start fully living and being, in the magic 

family days growing up, I saw total doubt in self and others, projections of fear, skeptical, don’t share with others, keep it for yourself, the illusions of separation ran so deep

I now understand there is no running from the other, we are just running from a part of ourselves that needs to be faced, then, the revelation of peace as power is reclaimed 

I cleaned my liver gut heart mind CELL deep, I saw through it all, the veils dropped from my eyes mind heart, and the ego started to shatter.

I started to remember my truth, that it’s safe to trust myself, I can trust myself, I can share my ideas heart love voice, I can trust the other cause I trust myself, joy

when you go into your physical body, clear the way, the truth will ALWAYS be revealed, it’s frikkin AMAZING

Is distrust holding you back? can you lean into it and see a new perspective, can that distrust lead you to heal and trust again …

Blessings of love