Yesterday I broke my 36hr dry fast and then went into 36hrs of just fruit eating and drinking fresh juice and coconut water, this is normal for me after a long dry fast, and something I do often as it gives me such an epic reset

I went to the beach this evening and was in total awe of the beauty of nature the ocean the sky the birds, a deep loving awareness washed over me
from being so present in the moment,

I felt such calm such peace inside myself

It hasn’t always been this way,
I use to feel so unsure of myself
so uncertain of who I was
so anxious in my body
so unconfident in my body
so fearful of others attention

It’s been a journey.

My journey began as a young girl in my teens in the Devon fields, always wanting to be outside in nature, running horse riding cycling walking,

I longed to have a perfect body and to feel at peace inside myself
able to be me
no masks no hiding no shame

I stayed behind the mask for decades
I hide behind them,
I used the power of food to hide more,
to help me not feel,

I often blushed a lot, I turned into a beetroot,
I held so much shame of my body
my femininity my sensuality
my sacred essence

It felt wrong to want to be sexy and free and sensual and feminine, so I forgot about it,
I hid under masculine clothes masculine energy always doing controlling analyzing planning everything
never stopping

I lost my feminine energy
I lost my sacred connection to my heart
I lost my body bliss
I lost my sensual sovereignty

To now be home in my heart ❤️
and so deeply present in my body ⭐️
is the biggest most beautiful gift ever 🌈

What got me here?

– Never giving up on my sacred body vision, (feeling looks habits life …)
– Always seeking support when I needed it (but I also for a long time didn’t, I was afraid to ask for help, I learnt as a kid it was weak to ask for help) so distorted; asking for help holds the strength of a goddess, you’re never here to do it alone – success comes together, not alone 👯
– Listening to my body and her voice of needing to be loved and taken care of
– Healing my mother farther and sistar wounds
– Letting go of control (what a journey, finally I am free from this, this is liberation!)
– Knowing my body and how she thrives
– Continuing to cleanse, detox and regenerate at a cellular level
– Daily self-love practices💕
– Daily mindset and journaling
– Plant medicine
– Mucus free lean living 🌿
– Nature nature nature
– Upgrading my DNA💎
– Commitment willingness to honor my desires
– Accepting the feeling, getting uncomfortable and moving past the addictions, to rewrite my mind habits and behaviors
…and more.

We have to feel the feeling to heal what’s going on

Accepting and witnessing the feeling you’re feeling,

the unconscious mind takes massive notice of behavior,

if we continue to eat the donuts pastries bread cheese drink the coffee wine eat the milk chocolate
the behavior is reinforced

To break habits patterns to heal our body and emotions
we have to choose an action
that is powerful that is empowering
the action of
cleansing detoxing at a cellular level
to say the sacred no
to get support
to choose a healthier food
to not have junk in the cupboard at home …

here we get to reset and rewrite our body and mind

Something I have empowered myself to do for many years now,
is to feel it,
however uncomfortable,
knowing that on the other side
is deep healing
is a return to our natural state of being Bliss🍓

You are here to live in bliss and experience your heaven on earth, yes it takes action, 100%,

be willing to commit to your vision and see the entire universe come to support you in the most magical ways

You’re never alone
You’re always supported

I love you!

Arianna x

Top photo at Releasing into abundance ❣️
Bottom photographer in sacred valley Peru by Adriana Peralta 💜