8 years ago whilst living in London I was working in one of the most prestigious health clinics in the world, studying holistic naturopathy and healing, and partying throughout the week

I was deeply passionate about health the body nutrition yoga, feeling and looking my best, I was always reading researching trying out all the treatments at the clinic studying the results in my body, seeing what shifted, what didn’t

I was eating healthy, well what I thought to be healthy, and I had been able to, ‘what I thought’ was heal my imbalances in my thyroid weight energy emotions …

when all I had done was suppress them through very high fat and protein diets, and taking a lot of synthetic supplements, I didn’t know how to face my emotions so I ignored them, I pushed them down and hoped they would disappear

so all this suppression came basting back, and I started to get clearer why I still wasn’t healing, why I was still unclear heavy feeling disconnected from my body, lost in masculine energy, proving performing pushing myself, full of jealousy low confidence so many cravings 

UNTIL, 4 years later, everything opened up, I opened up to doing it differently, to going against the grain, to trusting, to truly listening to my body and understanding how it heals

THE ROOT, the toxicity, I hadn’t got the toxins out of my body, all that toxic waste was just circulating around my blood cells brain heart, making me feel awful

FREEDOM, I started to eat more alkaline, I started to balance the pH of my body, I started to clear out the parasites feeding off my energy, I started to clear lumps of mucus from my body, I started to build a sustainable and easy foundation, I started to see my freedom happiness creation lightness peace calm energy return and awaken within my body temple 

we all have our own healing journey, and I fully respect your journey as much as my own, I tried what felt like everything, but I had been bypassing the core, the physical and emotional bodies, which had to be detoxed of the cause to heal it all and live true WHealth💎

Are you ready to heal it all and live free in your body temple love?💞

Love you!