THE PATH OF THE GODDESS … we must stop ignoring her calling ❤️🌹❤️

We, those who feel it deep in our heart our womb, our body, we are being called now, to rise, as the patriarchy fully collapses, as we no longer slave ourselves to others to the system to the busyness to the distractions to the illusion …

we make space and come home … she has been calling us for a long while now …

So when will you listen to her?

the food addictions the junk cravings the alcohol the caffeine the numbing the ignoring the disconnection the muddle the distrust the sexual body shame… it’s all just been a cover up for the Goddess that resides with us, wanting to be heard felt seen, loved, healed

the love, the inner union is where it all begins, I longed for love outside myself for so so long, through food alcohol drugs toxic codependent relationships, longing for connection to find my true self

Only when I remembered it’s about me first, as we self heal, we take the path of self love, it’s about you first, I had to make a lot of space on many levels to receive,
to receive the home coming,
to my sacred awakening of inner union,
my holy work of the goddess,
the fear of messing it all up, failing, not being enough, unworthy, it all came up

BUT, do we feed the illusion of fears of separation of distrust of lack of aloneness,
OR do we listen honour respect and tune back in, turn everything else off, and wake up to the Goddess within

the love we all seek is our own love, and only when we come home to our own love, can we be in sacred union with our beloved, and our precious Mother Gaia,

Home to the body temple, transcending the sexual disgust and fear, transmuting all the social conditioning programming of our feminine body, to transform and #risebeauty

the feminine body that is sacred,
every curve every freckle every bump every wrinkle every hair. it’s all sacred. precious. alive with the cosmic love of eternity.

the Goddess isn’t controlled by time
the Goddess see’s the beauty
the Goddess knows there’s more
the Goddess does what she needs to do to awaken her true self and live on her terms,
her unique flow,
…and the food thoughts energy and environments the Goddess nourishes herself with – is everything …

Do you feel this Goddess?🌹

trust in your beauty
trust in your love
trust in your calling
the Goddess loves you❤️

Beltane weekend love light and sacred body bliss to you!

Arianna x

PS. listen to this if you are called Beautiful; ‘Make Space’ (feat. Peter Moore) Estas Tonnes

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