I was reading a blog on a lady suffering with hypothyroid the other day, there was so much fighting in it, so much blame and victimisation, and it’s a blogger of a site that is followed by thousands trying to find a way to heal!!

We have been programmed to believe we need to suffer for a long time before we can get to the solution and heal, this is not true, it’s a program, change the program, change the belief – heal it all

I see and feel so much bad energy being thrown around the thyroid hashimoto autoimmune healing journey, so much struggle when it doesn’t have to be this way Anymore, unless you continue to seek answers from places that simply haven’t got them, modern medicine, paleo and ketogenic diets and unhealthy vegan and planet-based.

Fighting for our health,
the fight on cancer,
battling with our body,
this approach has no support
I realized this on my own healing journey, as soon as I stopped fighting,
I began to see things differently and started to heal,

It’s about hope truth love possibility, feeding fear will not help anyone,

The attitude has to shift if the situation is going to change, negativity does not heal, belief acceptance Love truth wisdom and support heals

We are not fighting or battling with our body, if you listened to your body it wouldn’t have to continue to shout and produce more symptoms

the only reason we get symptoms is because we aren’t listening, instead you fight your body, that only wants to heal you

Listening to my symptoms actually lead me to my biggest breakthrough, my body stopped shouting when I started really listening

When I changed my attitude towards my body my actions changed, I started making healthier food choices I started really listening, deeply, and taking care of this body as a gift not a chore and made keeping her clean a priority!

Our bodies are our most powerful ally, when we listen and act,
you get to choose this,
is your body your ally or enemy?

Your body only has ever wanted to heal you, will you let it get on with it,
mind fear worries ego to one side and let your heart guide you to the support coach tools practises healing that is best for you

It’s all healable


Arianna x

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You’ve tried lots and still not seeing the results you dream about, you lye in bed wishing for it to all disappear, maybe you’ve experienced some shifts, but it never stuck,

you do know deep down there is a way through it all…you believe!

the weight gain
the stress
the brain fog
the cravings
the sluggishness
the off hormones
the emotional ups and downs

I hear you, this was me for over a decade!

You live to feel your true self
You stand for being the best version of you
You know healthy nutrition is essential
You know how precious your energy is
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I’ll be holding space for you throughout our time together so you are fully supported and anchored by my energy all the way. You’ve got this!

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