I just got of the phone with a lady who’s been trying to heal herself for years from hypothyroid,

She feels like she’s tried everything,
I asked her what she was doing now-

“I’m seeing a FM doctor who’s got me on loads of supplements, all those that most are on for support- vitamin D, fish oil, B vitamins, Iron …but I’m still exhausted, unmotivated, and some days can’t even get out bed, plus I’m on TCM herbs, I feel like if I stop the supplements I won’t be able to do anything”

I was here to many years ago, I found out it doesn’t work, and why I do things very differently.

She also said; “we’ve been trying to balance my hormones with a ketogenic diet”

My heart sunk, this idea that we need fat to balance our hormones, is totally wrong theory and misunderstanding of the human body, how hormones work and what they even are,

the FM doctor even said to her
“I don’t know what to do”

…and here it is,
supplements stimulate the body,
they suppress the body, they trick the body into action, missing what really needs focus,

REMOVAL of cellular waste,
the mucus, acid, parasites, stones, fungus … THIS is what’s causing the symptoms …

Get it out
Here You Live free


☯️means clogged kidneys
🌈a blocked sewer system – lymphatic
🔥a suppressed digestive system
🌿out of balance endocrine glands

the body is completely obstructed

💊no supplement will heal hypothyroid or any dis-ease (only suppress it)

💎you have to go to #cellularregeneration

Consider the following scenario:

Your body has no energy. You are sick and tired. Your system is full of toxins, dealing with degenerative conditions. Now you take a supplement and all of a sudden you feel great and have plenty of energy. What exactly has happened?

The toxins are still there, the degenerative problems are still there, but now, for some reason, you feel great. It is because you whipped your body to work. You pushed it to perform. You forced it into submission. You made it “behave” with the ingredients present in supplements.

supplements can be eliminated forever,

when you choose …

cellular regeneration
healing through mucus free/lean food
coming back to natures rhythms

this holds the 🗝