this morning I sat in my daily meditation and felt a deep connection to the women I am here to serve guide support, I connected so deeply to her pain, the tears came through me from her, we heal together, you are never alone love

I felt her journey so deeply in my body, the battle with her sexuality from a young age, the trauma with not feeling her feelings as it wasn’t a thing you did, the suppression of so much emotion as bad, not what a woman does, just be quiet and get on with it 

then the journey with her body, being lead into such a masculine role of push money power long hours, to whats called the “working woman’s” disease, labeled endometriosis, when it’s actually a body that has been pushed out of her natural rhythms, exhausted, hormones traumatized, communication breakdown, totally misunderstood by mainstream medicine, told she needs a hysterectomy

then the weight gain, stress, gut/brain imbalance that follows, but told she has depression, and put on anti-depressants, she just wants relief, to feel herself, at peace in her body mind soul, free to simple be the woman she came here to be and enjoy her life her body her freedom 

this journey as a woman in this precious body temple, has been a tumultuous one, so much pain, the way has been hidden disgusted, alternative, different, when it’s purely the truth the way the freedom, nature heals all, chemicals don’t 

I’ve guided woman to heal stage 4 endometriosis, hypothyroidism, avoid hysterectomy surgery, lose 4 stone of weight in 3 months, off decades of medication in 8 weeks, reclaim her feminine energy, feel clear confident and calm in her body, to fully reconnect to her true Self at peace within with our TBAR method

I’m not bragging here, but when you have an epic method, something so valuable that can literally save lives, I can’t but share it

Imagine an easier way, that truly supports you, that guides you, that gives you the tools for lifelong hormone balance, mental clarity, true longevity and vibrant well-being

It’s different, and it’s FREEDOM. 

I’m here for you darling woman. 

love you!



Women’s Health Specialist