SELF-LOVE …what does it really mean to you?

The notion of love takes me back to my childhood, growing up in Devon was idyllic and traumatic, I remember seeing my parents fight scream with each other, and then everything was fine, I stored the understanding in my cellular memory that love was fighting screaming anger hating each other, then pretending like everything is Ok?

As I grew up I saw how this showed up in my own life, the abuse on my body, 

well love is abusive, I learned love is fighting with yourself and others, love is traumatic love is scary, and this is what I stored in my subconscious since a little girl till about 2 years ago, 

love is scary. 

So why would I love myself? Right? Safer to not love …

I abused my body with food alcohol caffeine recreational drugs unhealthy sex and always attracted men into my life who also abused their body and self.


18 months ago I deeply woke up to myself. I woke up to what real love was and meant and felt like, and I learnt from my life experiences it starts with Self, it starts inside your body.

It started with cleaning my vessel fully, properly, purifying back to its pure true-nature of health, of love light freedom, clarity, connection to Self. 

a homecoming. to the heart. to peace with yourself.

Everything made total sense, the reason my parents fought and screamed nearly killed each other, is because they didn’t love themselves, and food was our family’s escape from feeling the emotions and healing them.

What life reflects back to you is a direct reflection of what is going on within you, what you feel about yourself, and it is this very understanding that allows you to dissolve any judgement or blame towards another.

It all starts with you. In your body. In your cells. Right down to the atom seed of your creation.

I chose my family, I chose to go through hell in my body- the eating disorder the emotional eating the severe social anxiety the depression the exhaustion the pain the people pleasing the toxic relationships the self-abuse through food alcohol and drugs, 

I chose it all, and it is here, when you can claim it all, own it all, take full responsibility for it all, that you can unhook the karmic hooks out of people and unentangle the karma, and set yourself free.

…it is a journey into the body

I dig deep to get authentic honest and real with my-self because of the cleaning I had done within my body, to clear out all the the toxicity to make way to feel heal get real, and transform, space within had to be made to actually clear the way to be able to get to this level of honesty and authenticity, it’s the layers of toxicity physically emotionally mentally that kept me hiding abusing and disconnected from my true-self, a living into my highest potential and next level.

Freedom prevails from a clean clear purified body and mind, here the heart stays permanently open, and life is an effortless flow of joy of bliss in this sacred body temple, ready for you now.

I will leave you with this final piece to contemplate on: 

Why did you choose the body struggles? 

…this question is to empower you!

…you are so powerful!

remember, life is happening for us, not to us

here you empower yourself 

and move out of victim consciousness 

into liberation.

When you can be with this and answer it from a place of deep compassion for yourself, honest raw real, get the lesson, and transmute it, here you rise, and here you will shift your perspective, thoughts, feelings, actions and results, and create a fresh new vibrant healthy expansive loving joyful blissful reality for your-Self.

Everything starts inside this body.

When you come home to a purified clear clean detoxified body mind and soul, here you get to re-member who you really are, why you are here, and what you came here to learn, and how you came here to fully be of service to others.

My struggles were my greatest initiation into doing the work research investigation into health and healing the human body naturally, fully at its root, in alignment with nature, that I embody now, through seeing far beyond the status quo to the other side where paradise is real, radiant vibrant super confident health is real, bliss joy ecstasy is real – in this body!

And here, I was home to love, here I fully and completely understood what love really is, 

LOVE, is who you are, our true divine nature is love.

Birthed from a the sacred rose into life, to re-member, sacred union, unity, sacred marriage with self FIRST, love you first, 

Who do you need to be to re-member your magnificence, your queendom, your true-self?

come home now Beauty! the time is now!

…and then, more and more and more love will just come to you, 

through simply living in a clean clear pure body, people, relationship’s, opportunities, 

I now see these exact shift’s in my own life

Miracles are real, they are simply a change in perception, to how you see feel hear life, 

Here is the beauty, the magic, the elevation in consciousness, 

the freedom, the health, the peace, the love you dream about, is all possible for you right here right now.

Welcome home Beautiful.

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