In my early twenties I was living in Belgium studying photography, I remembered during my stay I bleed for 2 week so heavy non-stop

I didn’t understand the wisdom of my body then,
I didn’t know it was sign my body was screaming out to detox and get the toxic crap out of me, so I went to the doctors and got a pill to stop the bleeding

I suppressed the wisdom of my body to get relief, and so my body started to show me many other symptoms anxiety’s stress cravings hormonal imbalances body pain exhaustion weight gain

My body was holding onto so much;
– Excess Estrogen
– Heavy metals
– Acidic tissue
– Toxic liver
– Stagnant kidneys
– Blocked lymphatic system
– Slighiah digestive system

If I knew what I know now, I would have known to, focus on transforming healing alkalizing my inner environment to change my pH to one of alkaline dominant which is where health awakens from …
– stop eating anything heavy processed oily sugary junk
– Avoid-reduce a lot, caffeine
– Avoid fried foods
– Avoid all meat dairy eggs
– Do not go to the bakery shop every morning after running (addicted to croissants for years)
– Do not go to the doctors
– Do not take medication to shut my body up, instead listen to her
– Alkalize my body
– Heal the terrain – address the root cause, remove toxic pollution from my cells
– Stop putting anything unnatural in my body!!!

The lesson here, there is always a reason for the weight gain pain cravings emotions anxiety stress exhaustion thyroid issues tough menopause endometriosis, it’s not anything medication can heal or address, but through alkalising the body with evolved nutrition and cellular detox you can heal anything.

I am here to support you if you need it.

To freedom,
Arianna ♥️