darling love, that aloneness, I once thought, why do I feel so alone, even when around others?

then something happened, what I thought was all out there, the fear of being alone, needing another to feel complete, but it wasn’t this at all

I turned within my body, I stopped looking outside myself to work it out, I started to learn about what was living in my body storing in my body, unseen, yet keeping me from me 

that was it, the fucking Epiphany darling woman, the layers of toxicity in my body the memories stored in my cells my toxic belly

it was here, in the belly, the cauldron, where an individual can completely quantum leap through healing this area to radical true health and a new reality for themselves 

those layers of toxins, kept me from myself, it was like a physical emotional energetic wall of waste blocking me from me, yet I was living in my body, but I felt so out of body 

so, that aloneness, it’s an aloneness from the true Self, the heart, higher purpose, when these toxic layers are dissolved cleared cleaned cleansed detoxed purified 

so will the story of aloneness be, as here we come home, to the remembrance that this body has a soul, and it needs a clean temple

you re-unite with you, and the whole, and unity is remembered, we are always connected👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

and here, we experience the true Self, so free alive committed inspired by life, that that once alone space, becomes so heavenly to enjoy, ahhh the spaciousness 

You’re coming home now❤️

to SOUL babycakes🧁


and we also need each other, it is our true nature, to commune with our soul family, in love, it’s home. 


In love & unity, 

Arianna x