In my early days on embarking on this radical journey of self-love through nutrition and detox, I thought ‘oh raw must be the best’, actually not always, I’ve heard people think they need to be 100% raw to sustain their highest frequency, this isn’t true …the body needs balance and nourishment🌸plus eating loads of nuts oils and raw grains is not health and doesn’t heal.

I’ve found the key here to be the removal of the cellular waste, acid mucus parasites, more than the food, because once the body is truly clean, it only wants clean healthy foods 90% of the time anyway, and why fad diets are nonsense, they just cover up the truth, let it be easy simple free

You can still eat cooked food, you can still enjoy your food, going out, eating with loved ones, your life, your body and feel Amazing, without having to be totally raw or vegan, again it’s your choice how healthy you want to be and how alive you want to feel

…because what I do know, is there are no limits to how alive you can feel in this body (I know because I’ve been through the process and am now living in ecstatic health and will continue to) we can all have this, action is required, as the body speaks, we must learn to listen!

So when you drop the over-thinking over-analysing over-everything, and return to simplicity, through food detox process and living, truth reveals itself like the hand of god, and you now set yourself free, this is The Body Awakening ‘Way’ Method, after decades of trial and error, what felt like failures, I came to an understanding of what true health is – it’s a body that is loved beyond fear and that’s voice and inner guidance is trusted and acted upon, from here we always take the next best step

What’s your next most awakening nourishing step? Are you ready to heal your body? 

✨Aliveness is within you now, when you clear the way true health is revealed✨





PS.  Next -2021 The Body Awakening Retreat will be September on the magical Goddess Island of Ibiza, pure liberation and self-love, come home to your true-Self Beauty. Message us for details🌹🌿🍇