The daily struggle, the fatigue, the physical & mental chaos,
the judgement and comparison,
the self loathing bull shit

This simply does not have to be your reality goddess.

You are here to shine so SO bright.

when we strip back the layers and come back to our core,
this is where we get to be and feel liberated.

when we take all our power back, for real now

when we take full responsibility for all of it,

because we know deep down
we deserve to feel fucking amazing and thrive,
this is where we become empowered.

It’s time to own our journey!

Any trigger we feel from something else or someone else,
it’s purely reflecting an area within ourselves where we need to address,
we need to go deep,
to transcend these wounds and reach the light we’re here to experience

Instead of running like hell from our shadows, our ‘ugly’ feelings, our toxic thoughts,
the feelings we have about ourselves and others that make us feel sick and like a bad person

Instead of running, let’s investigate …

These shadow parts of ourselves, they’re coming up to be transmuted

and beloved sister, pretty much everyone on the planet has these same feelings!!!

You are not alone, and never have been

It’s time to get real, to get raw, to be curious

of how life looks on the other side of this darkness,

I’m telling you, it’s a life of magic when we face ourselves, fully, in our most raw state.

I hold you up, I honour all you’ve been through, I honour your perseverance, your dedication,
to want to change

You’re amazing simply by being you, you hold all the answers within yourself to transform,
the external searching, simply, it’s a waste of your energy.

You hold an immense power inside you to feel the best you have ever felt!!!!

Trust that I feel you, trust yourself that you know you’ve had enough of not fully committing to you.

It’s time, to wake up to your beautyful-Self

Our bodies are constantly wanting to be in balance, constantly recalibratiing, transfiguring, wanting to work in harmony

We hold a responsibility, to take a stand, for our true-Self

To provide the right inner and outer terrain for our divine sacred temples to feel so strong,

so balanced, so calm, so beautiful, so confident, so fucking marvelous everyday!

I love you,
And remember, Now is the time
To Awaken to your Divine body