I truly understand how tumultuous it’s been. 

the weight, the exhaustion, the brain fog, the stimulant cravings, the haze, it can’t be ignored.

It became so normal for me, to be tired all day and use caffeine and sugar to pick me up and get me through on false energy, my hormones were a wreck 

but I found a way of turning what felt like a horrible dark hole, into lightness and certainty in this feminine body 

something in me started to awaken, I started to see where I was giving my power away

I said enough, I AM Enough, I AM ready to love myself truly 

one major area of leaking my energy-my power, was through food…

I grew up watching everyone drink coffee tea alcohol most days, eating acidic sugary foods, so innocently unaware of the harm it was doing within

food was the go too when celebrating when sad when exhausted when bored when uninspired when feeling weird when stressed

Food: so if food was taking over my life this much,

I started to see how much of my true Self I could reclaim by looking at this area of my life, by healing my unhealthy eating habits cravings emotional eating 

that place of resistance

is so often, 

our greatest breakthrough

a real short-cut to 

inner-peace and self-love 

when I began to understand the impact my food choices where having on my life my relationships my purpose my finances my happiness my growth my FREEDOM

well something shifted inside me;

so I began the journey of healing physically and emotionally through conscious eating 

it was The Body Awakening Reset method that has changed my life, a method that supports our body evolving at its highest frequency

YOU can LOVE being in your body, I wondered for so long, and found out, IT IS possible 🌍 

Evolved plant-based nutrition, cellular regeneration, 2 ingredients of pure liberation and coming home to all of YOU 

well this is what I’ve experienced, and live, precious clients agree 🙂 

so much power to the individual when we allow conscious guidance in

to blast through those obstacles to absolute dream body health life freedom

I am here for you!

Are You Ready Beauty?❤️