My whole life has been a search to truly understand who I am why I am here what I am, ever since a little girl, I wondered, fearing the body I was in,

I always knew there was more, as I spoke with the animals and communed in nature, my soul sang it’s song, of connection of love of bliss,
but society said otherwise,
it said “im to fat” “I’m to thin” “you’re ugly” “she’s beautiful” “you need to do more of this or that or look like this …” “what are you wearing”
programmed by the fake media!!

…our uniqueness expression constantly targeted, because oh you don’t want to be different, no follow the sheep deeper into the dream spell zzz

NO MORE sisters, No More, you are too precious and so needed right now …

the programming the system
all it’s fear projected into collective conciseness,
right now we are in a spiritual battle,
on our sacred spirit, but ofcourse,
our unified sacred light of love will rise above it all – are you with me Beauty?

sisters, it’s our time to release and clear the way, and embody the awakening …through our most empowering uplifting liberating exciting journey of all

… of …
… self-love …

How can I love myself even more?
How can I connect with myself even deeper?
What can I do to know more of me?
What more am I here for?
What more do I desire to feel?

Say it with me Sister …
I am strength
I am divine
I am sacred
I am empowered
I am godgoddess
I am sovereign
I am free

we’ve been manipulated for way to long now, pushed into corners, fear for speaking our truth has been fawned upon …owning our magnificence, standing confidently in this sacred body, embracing our sensuality and feeling safe to feel and open,

oh you don’t want to show off or embarrass yourself, or get to much attention, or come across to much …
oh no, imagine, what would happen …

Sisters would stand in their power …
Shine their sacred light
Embody their confidence
Embrace their wise sensual feminine wisdom

Remember, you are beyond worthy of feeling your best and enjoying your body!

Do you see sister … we have been fed so many lies about who we are, limitations programming beliefs, low vibrations,
just keep eating drinking doing giving,
and it’ll all be ok, just keeping pushing it down holding it in, and the suppression will continue …

No more

it’s time to come home
back to love
back to the gentle warmth of our open feminine heart and beautiful soft body
back to the sacred feminine fire within that is burning right now🔥🌹

Can you feel her Sister?❤️ share a heart below if you can

So much empowering love to you!

If it resonates, I invite you to join our free Sisterhood (The BODY AWAKENING Sisterhood) we start a monthly Goddess Sister circle to centre ground and ignite that inner flame of body confidence and peace this Thursday 7th May 💝

Arianna x

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