Many women that book a complimentary Body Breakthrough call and then go on to sign-up to one on one support have been taking oral contraceptive pills for decades, for birth control skin or hormonal issues

I know the damage that this medication can do as I also took it for many years, it was about 5/6 years ago I stopped taking it, something just didn’t sit right within me

The truth is, that this medication like any, is acidic and toxic, it’s adding man-made chemicals unknown to the human body into an environment that requires alkalinity to heal

Medication can seem like it’s working, cause it’s suppressing the body into false relief, it is pushing the pain down, and why it’s so vital that the root cause is addressed, and suppression is eliminated, so you can awaken to the PEACE in your feminine body 

You truly get to be free of all this toxic medication, and then the body can really start to heal, and THEN you will truly start to feel well, the weight skin issues hormones stress tiredness brain fog will ALL go 

We can’t expect to heal by adding more acid to the mix, remove the cause, reset the organs, and see your body transform into the VISION you have for yourself!

You can do it.

You can have it.

Trust there is a way

And, it is possible.

Once the body is given what it needs to heal fully; liver support kidney support gut support endocrine gland support lymphatic support, cellular support, then can it start to RESET, then regeneration takes place and a whole-new body is built, one of lightness ease peace joy happiness bliss freedom, this becomes your new normal!

Embrace that vision within!

Dump those pills!

Return to nature’s medicine!

Love & warmth,


PS. If you are already to schedule for a complimentary Body Breakthrough call, go to the link in our bio.