I wondered for years why I was so exhausted frustrated unclear emotional craving fats sugar stimulants, lost in my head with terrible digestive discomfort, it all came back to my liver, was I loving it, no, I was abusing it with so much crap and negativity in my life

Liver cleansing, it’s such a huge piece to health confidence energy clarity freedom, connected to the mind, which lives in every cell of your being, hence why it’s so vital to create an environment that allows optimal regeneration

Do you feel exhausted, lost in your thoughts, unclear?
Do you crave fats, sugar, stimulants?
Do you have digestive discomfort?
Do you get angry, emotional, frustrated?

The first liver cleanse I did was using oil salts and apple juice years ago, not an optimal way of clearing and healing the liver, oil and salt stimulate the liver and force it, force is never the answer, it must be about love and awareness in this body

The second time my body clearly told me No, I listened, as liver cleansing with oil and salt does more damage than good

I created and worked on a new method, one that is gentle easier healthy and truly gives results that are way beyond, here is real liver liberation and health awakening

on TheBody Awakening programs we use whole plant foods, wildcraft organic herbs that allow for long term liver health happiness and freedom, always taking precious care of this divine body temple

What you put in your body at any time is so key, always connect to your body wisdom, research within you, and ask your body if this feels good, if this feels loving and nourishing …

Wholefood and herbal liver cleansing with specific yoga movements to assist in the removal detox and regeneration of the liver cells is what has totally transformed my whole body health

Here you will awaken balance vibrant healthy hormones clarity peace joy from within you, an optimal functioning digestive system, boosting your energy levels, immune function and igniting confidence and calm throughout your being.

How is your liver? Ready to cleanse, awaken and feel your absolute vibrant aliveness?

Love, Arianna xx