I did years of I AM WORTHY in the mirror in my journal, did it shift me, sure a bit, but it didn’t sustain, I was always off and on, up and down, ahhh, why is it not working? so frustrating!

I knew it wasn’t working fully, how did I know this, my reality was not showing the change I desired and envisioned for myself 

when did this really shift, when I started cleaning out my lymphatic and digestive system, healing at the core

women like us, high priestess sistars!

we have to go into our body to shift the emotions to shift our habits addictions weight – everything shifts here! 

You set YOU FREE!

Why? cause it’s the body you’ve used to escape everything, hide from life, hide from self, this ends today, if you choose so beauty…

…to see the physical change

you have to make physical change

cell deep change I’m talking about

no more bypassing the actual work

all those habits stories patterns they are all imprinted into your cells, so when you cellular detox cellular regenerate, you remove these imprints you release the past – 

YOU TOTALLY RESET your body, and get back on track with your soul purpose …

anchor new beginnings, a fresh start, no more kidding yourself … it’s now …

this is where you truly live true to your feminine power, your potential as the powerful woman you are, WELL-HEALTHY

…you lose that stubborn excess weight, you clear the fog, you feel embodied instead of out of body, you feel confident comfortable relaxed light in your being 

A cellular certainty awakens in you, as you remember your true Self, as you start to feel your ultimate Goddess Woman be-coming true to herself, no more messing around, but REBIRTH

the body is telling you showing you, it’s time to listen act and birth your dreams now, enough, let’s do this Gorgeous!

Gone are the days of struggle pain alone, now we live a new horizon of freedom ease and coming together 

It’s your time! ready to embody your ultimate self worthy free light and clear?

Feel your magic. 

Feel your vision. 

Choose it all now. 

Love you!