Sure, once it used to be coffee or tea or green tea every morning, now it’s liver gut stomach high quality ground herb tea, liver goodness which is true energy, a I don’t miss it at all, it made me feel horrible, now I know what makes me feel good

I was addicted, I could have told myself ‘oh it’s just what I need, it’s part of my morning ritual’, but things are playing out under all that. Coffee tea even green tea they are all highly addictive and led me into chronic hormonal imbalance stress anxiety lack of confidence weight issues brain fog even. stimulants stop you from feeling in the moment, they’re a cover up to stimulate our system into overdriven overwhelm stressed out overdoing running off adrenaline and false energy, you get high, then come down, it’s a legal drug.

Our adrenals need calm nourishment rest relaxation, self-love, so you can know who you really are, after decades of stimulant abuse my adrenals were so weak exhausted and not functioning, I was a mess emotionally mentally and physically, I couldn’t cope, I was so unclear, worried all the time, they impact your kidneys and lymphatic system (the sewage system of the body, which is everything for real weight-loss peace true Self knowing and freedom). 

If we are constantly putting in stimulation, how will you ever know how tired your body REALLY is and give her what she really needs, the need to slow down, clean her out, and then nourish her to rebuild a body temple of heaven on earth. 

What are the adrenals saying today? and are you READY for WEIGHT-LOSS freedom?🔥🌬🌈

You are safe to let go, you belong in a body you love, trust darling woman, I’ve got you!

Love you❤️