Judgment of others.

It was my own inner self-judgment coming back at me. I always judged myself so much. I feared showing up as all of me, the pink sheep, secretly different

I don’t let it stop me now, I alchemised fear into deeper self-love and did the work I had to do to shift, I use too, and sometimes it still comes up, but it doesn’t hold me back

I use to be very influenced by others, but learnt to honour another’s opinion and still stand strong in my own, and true to my heart 

I know how this fear can hold so many back from taking sacred action on their health and live vision! because it did me, and we all experience similar things, but in different ways, and how we can connect, relate and find compassion for each other the fear of: “but what will they think of me” “what will they say about me” “will they like me” “will they make fun of me” …

I left this all on the table, went a different way to friends family ex-boyfriends, many times I heard “oh why can’t I just have a normal girlfriend” now I can laugh so much, as I feel more at peace in my body and being, 

…but I still have off days, now I allow myself to be real with how I feel, maybe even sharing it with someone I trust,to be witnessed in love is so powerful, it’s helped me heal so much 

There is too much warrior priestess in me to settle for just ok or half living my best life, so I will always dig, always face it, always get real

I am committed to my growth journey and respect what I feel and how I feel and what needs to be done to move through that uncomfortable moment … 

Here you get to access greater peace and aliveness, being human in this body temple! 

Realness rawness honesty, IS self-love IS self-care IS necessary in life. 

What’s that warrior priestess in You saying yes too right Now?

always in love,