It was always about over-eating over-indulging, forgetting how I felt inside, forgetting what I needed as I forgot my needs as a woman in this body

the most important, is you, how you feel? 

there is nothing to fear, your feelings are so safe my darling woman, they are accepted and here to be felt, to live happy healthy and in harmony with life 

this year I choose rest rejuvenation ritual and reflection, sat here in Bali, feeling the deepest contentment I have ever felt

no desire to be surrounded by lots of people family parties, or to be numbing myself or checking out

to simply be with myself, celebrating all that has surfaced revealed healed come to light been released

this year has been one of my most transformational, one of my most successful, I gauge success on my growth and learning, satisfaction comes from this shift

called to dry fast deep 3 days 3 nights over the weekend just gone, with silence, it was intensely beautiful, challenging at times, yet so satisfying, reborn

as I cellular detoxed my body, rejuvenating her, burning all the food detox and weight-loss lies, distractions also started to disappear from my life as I cleared within 

I wanted to love myself, I wanted to take care of myself to be true to me, and others, and in service to the whole, and live the life I am living now, I did it!

HEALTH truth is for us all, it’s for you right now love, your birthright is to feel SO ALIVE at peace clear centered free in your feminine body, without stress

I faced so much intense emotion this year, I faced some of my deepest darkest fears, I have been for 8 years, I’m still alive, the unknown took me in and guided me home to my heaven on earth, to self-love

there is a way through it all, and the clarity freedom liberation is pure contentment within, you living your beautiful life on your terms is yes, possible💯go for it!

YOU are so important and your gifts are needed in this world, now, not later, be here with me SistAr

I hold your hand, to take inspired action on your stubborn weight now

Are you ready to let it go, for good?!

Merry blessings!

I love you♥️