I spent time in Peru a year and half ago

Every day I drank coca leaf tea

pure Cocaine leaf is not the problem

The problem is the manmade chemicals they mix with it and the unconscious behaviour 

I’ve sat in many plant ceremonies 

Drinking sacred medicine

Made to be illegal in so many countries

Yet you can buy alcohol cigarettes medication over the counter???? or be injected with lethal chemicals claimed to protect you😷

Sacred taboo, I have worked with many times, a beautiful powerful medicine, full of healing, but the dark forces decided AGAIN, to mix it with toxic chemicals (poison to the human body-mind-spirit)

Do you see where I’m going with this … 

All the sacred plant medicine’s, including OUR food from Mother Earth has been manipulated controlled abused infected poisoned … hence WHY cellular detox is KEY for health!

there have been forces drawing your attention (your energy) away from nature healing truth, making out it’s dangerous to drink plant medicine, eat lots of fruit, you need meat dairy, alcohols good for your brain … 

Came on, what is this nonsense!

What about the blatant poisoning of humanity through GMO herbicides pesticide fungicides MSG DDT ALL medications and vaccinations

To look away is ignorance. 

To face it is strength. 

I stand for facing it. Here we remember the loving truth of nature food plants as medicine. We heal it all.

We all get to choose, and that’s beautiful freedom right there❤️🦋☯️ be with your gut your inner knowing. 

the body NEVER lies. Trust this.❤️