When did you last give your blood and lymph attention? Theses two fluids are your LIFE, they make or break our WELL-being🍑

When I got this, when I really stopped focused listened and got REAL with my body and it’s functions and how it HEALS, life got easier, joy overflowed, clarity was like a crystal, emotions stabilised, and my energy radiated like the sun!

Our blood transports nutrients, filters toxins, let’s you breath fully, it’s your root your centre your grounding life-force, if it’s clean you’ll be in flow feel energised clear radiate balanced, anchored in the true-YOU, if it’s dirty, so when did you last clean your blood? you’ll feel foggy heavy unclear anxious unsettled = TOXIC 

Our lymph, it’s our sewage system, your spleen is your largest lymph gland; I’ve recently been focusing on deeper spleen-liver healing and regeneration, self-victory a clear mind inner-peace unconditional love forgiveness our self-worth all lives here in this fluid of LIFE

Have you ever thought about these two fluids? What they do for you daily? How they impact how you feel? Why if you simply focus on cleaning them using alkalising plant foods breath work detox and regeneration process’s like we do here at The Body Awakening Ibiza with the TBA Way Method programs . I share the whole journey in my new book. EVERYTHING HEALS, the RESET is done!

there is a reason you feel the way you do, it’s not just appeared over night, NO, if the body is abandoned, forgotten, then you will feel it neglect you as you neglect it, we must re-learn  to LOVE ourselves beyond anything #selflove

there is NOTHING more important than your HEALTH, the way you feel right NOW. So dear one, when will you pull the plug on the what if’s, buts, excuses, limitations, waiting, and take sacred action on YOU?!

It’s time to release all blah blah blah …

CHOOSE you, DO you, BE you, LOVE you!

So, What about your blood and lymph then Beautiful, are you going to REALLY CLEAN IT, so you can embody your BEST truest-Self? 

Confident healthy happy alive and shine your inner light! How about it love, are you ready to feeeeeel Alive NOW?❤️